Drawing flowers in complementary colours

A big part of art is looking for inspiration- let’s find it in and out! 

If you’ve had classes with me you know – I LOVE textures and colours in nature! So next time you’re on a walk, start looking at the different colours around you. The flowers coming out, rich sunsets, and even in what seems the same, as in trees, notice how they each have their own tone. Have you noticed some fun colours around? 

If you’ve had classes with me you may have heard me mention about a hundred times complementary colours- colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. They work so well together and bring each other’s vividness out. Blue and orange- beautiful sunsets in the sky that capture our attention. Red and green- meadows and flowers that pop, roses, you name it! Can you think of more examples of complementary colours?

What you need: pencil, paper, colours

  1. Draw a circle 
  2. Add a spiral inside it for some movement 
  3. Add five petals. I like odd numbers but do your own thing if you want more or less.
  4. Add five more petals behind them.
  5. You can go fancy and give them a double edge or patterns 
  6. Add some combinations of complementary colours! Spring is purple and yellow for me, but go wild!

Hope you enjoy the tips for today! And remember, there’s no right and wrong way to do art. Just have fun with it!

Keep sharing your art with me! I’d love to see what you did. You can find more art ideas, classes and workshops coming up with me at www.mayaart.ca and on Facebook and Instagram at “Art by Maya”  or join my newsletter for first call for events and art at home tips and tricks!

Have a colourful day!

Colourful trees in changing seasons

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