Yukon Comic Culture Society treasurer Paul Scholz (left) and president Carrie Jackson are helping to grow the Yukon’s geek culture

This year, the Yukon Comic Culture Society will be scaling back Yukomicon, and in lieu of hosting a full-blown Con, they will hold the Get Your Geek On! craft fair on August 25 at the Gold Rush Inn Town Hall. The scope and cost of putting together a full-scale YukomiCon is challenging, so the society will likely aim to have one every second year, offset by the smaller-scale events.
“Next year, we’re hoping to do a full Con, but it’s a big commitment of time, money and people,” said Yukon Comic Culture Society treasurer Paul Scholz. “We’re trying to be more community focused and put things on for everybody.”

This year’s Get Your Geek On! event will feature 13 art vendors (as of this writing), two of whom hail from Watson Lake, according to president Carrie Jackson. They feature artists who do fantasy paintings, cards and illustrations, as well as crafters who make purses, dice bags, jewellery and some stuffies.

“The vendors are the ones we usually have at YukomiCon,” Jackson explained. “They don’t usually sell elsewhere, so we wanted to give them a venue to sell their art.”

But a vendor craft fair for geeks is not the only feature being organized by the group. The event will include a craft workshop for children in the Gold Rush Inn General Store and a Get Your Geek On! trivia competition in the evening from 7 to 10 p.m., which will also have a silent auction of geeky items donated by local businesses.

The children’s craft workshop will be led by Jamie Strachan, the society’s YukomiKids workshop coordinator. Kids will be able to take part in a free crafting project and build their own Bowtruckles, a creature from the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Other crafting projects will be available, but supplies will require purchase. Kids will also have a selection of crosswords, colouring and board games to choose from at the workshop.

The evening trivia will allow teams of six to “form either their own Avengers, or a different Justice League,” according to Scholz.

“You have to choose your teammates wisely,” Scholz explained. “You need different geek genres represented on your team.”

Throughout the event, attendees are highly encouraged to embrace their inner geek and cosplay (costume for role-playing) for the day, as others will be. To encourage folks to come up with geeky costumes, there will be prizes presented including individual prizes for best craftsmanship, most unique, and best in genre, as well as others yet to be announced.

The fair will not be the only event that the society is involved with until the end of 2018. You will find them at Culture Days in September, a Christmas craft fair in December, an event in Dawson City at Gertie’s that will involve cosplay, and a Dungeons and Dragons-focused event that will have details announced closer to the beginning of September.

It’s the sense of community and the positive response from the community that drives them to put on events and why they’ll host more in the future, according to Scholz.

“We love doing them and love the reaction,” he said. “We’ve had lots of positive feedback. It’s just finding a way to channel all that positive energy.”

For more information on the Get Your Geek On! fair, contact the Yukon Comic Culture Society to keep posted on their future events, follow them on Facebook or email [email protected].