In 2012, Environment Yukon issued a report on hunter satisfaction in the territory, based on a survey of over 810 licensed hunters.

Participants were asked their opinions on a wide range of topics, including the permit hunt process, clarity of hunting rules, hunter education, hunting conditions, and hunting practices for various game.

It is evident from that report that hunting is a serious pursuit in the Yukon, both for locals and hunters from abroad who come here each season for guided outings with local outfitters.

With the prevalence of guns for both hunting and marksmanship in the territory, it’s not surprising that Whitehorse has a popular Rifle and Pistol Club that caters to gun hobbyists.

And, with a thriving sport and recreational gun culture, it’s also not surprising to see a thriving annual gun show in the capital city.

This Saturday, the fifth annual Whitehorse Gun Show will take place at the Best Western Gold Rush Inn. The show is run by Donovan Lewis, but was founded by Stan Taylor. “Stan came up with the idea, but unfortunately due to health reasons he couldn’t make it to the first show. But I made sure to keep it going,” Lewis says.

The show has proven to be popular, and Lewis is at a point where he says he needs to find a bigger venue. “We have been growing each year. The Gold Rush has been good to us, but if I could find a bigger space, that would be a bit better.” So who comes out to the Whitehorse Gun Show? Just about everyone.

Guns just are not just for men anymore, Lewis notes. Women and even children come out, and show lots of interest.

As for the show’s vendors, Lewis says they come from all over North America. “I was in Calgary trying to get some vendors, and they already knew about our show in Whitehorse.” he says.

The annual show is not just for display. People can buy, sell, or trade weapons, provided they meet the necessary qualifications. This year, Lewis says an impressive 75 tables will be set up, catering to a wide variety of interests.

Shotguns, hunting rifles, military grade guns, pistols, and even historical pieces can be found, as well as ammunition. “We also have some vendors carrying high grade hunting knives and archery,” for those who prefer a more traditional approach to hunting, Lewis says.

So how long does it take to prepare for a show this big? According to Lewis, it’s a year-long project, with the final two months being the most hectic. “It is a lot of work, but it’s worth it, and I am thankful to all the vendors who come out,” he says.

As in previous years, Lewis has been assisted by his buddy, Paul Rogan, who handles the promotional and marketing aspects of the event.

The Whitehorse Gun Show will take place Saturday, July 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information contact Donovan Lewis or Paul Rogan at [email protected]