For those who need to reconcile

Grasp the hilt of truth

One of the Tarot’s many gifts is the power to illuminate the dark. There is so much darkness made available to humans, who also create darkness. The Tarot helps us remember how and where to find the light.

Question: May we please have advice for residents of Canada who need to reconcile?
The Card: Ace of Swords, Minor Arcana
Rulerships: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio.
Element: Air.
Colours: White, Yellow.
Direction: East.
The Deck: The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910. Card illustration here by Aimée.
Astrological Circumstances:
I cast the reading during the Waning Gibbous Moon in Aquarius, in a plume of white sage, with compassionate intentions. May it harm none.
Physical Description:
In an otherwise clear sky, a swirling cloud presents a radiant hand holding a single sword. A gold crown encircles the blade. One side of the crown carries a palm leaf, the other an olive branch. In the far distance lay jagged blue and grey mountains.

Metaphysical Description & Advice:
The element for the suit of swords is Air, where we encounter the vantage point of the bird kingdom. Air provides perspective—seeking it, finding it and using it for the highest and greatest good of all. The greatest perspective, from way, way above us, includes the health of every living thing on Earth.

The element of Air reveals truth greater than human law.
The Ace of every suit introduces the purest form of the suit, here the purest communication is indicated. Residents of Canada who need to reconcile are advised to communicate with unprecedented purity and clarity. We are also collectively called upon to take just actions.

There are a lot of weapons in the Tarot, especially in the Minor Arcana, the human-sized part of the deck. With so many weapons around, we become used to seeing them. We have become accustomed to seeing one another’s hurts and pain. It is important to remember these symbols are also real things. Swords wound. Swords cause trauma.

We are advised, everyone, to immediately stop causing harm. Look at your own life with clear eyes and with a bird’s eye perspective. Wherever and however you are harming any living thing, stop. Just stop. This includes ceasing self-harm. You can do it. I believe in you.

The atmosphere and craggy peaks of the mountains in the Ace of Swords show the stakes are high. We need to find the just and clear perspective to restore our sense of basic human potential, or we will fall onto the jagged mountain peaks. The pain of Colonization is in those rocky points. Without pure communication and just clear action, loss and pain will continue.

The Ace of Swords tells us we need to communicate even when it is difficult, even when we feel scared. Have courage, grasp the hilt of truth. The suit of swords also represents narratives and stories. We are called upon to recognize what narratives and stories are true, and which are not. Please pay attention to the stories you see and hear, and seek and tell the truth.

Collectively we are advised to have the courage to do the work of reconciliation; the future is more positive than the past. There is encouragement in the olive branch and palm leaf in the Ace of Swords. The palm represents victory, abundance and beginnings. The olive symbolizes peace and healing.
Go towards healing, speak truth towards peace.
May it harm none.

Specializing in nomadic arts, Aimée Dawn Robinson is a dancer, writer, visual artist, Tarot reader and astrologer. Readings with Aimée offer you fresh perspective and realistic tools for change and re-balancing. Read all about it, book readings, workshops, and gift certificates online at: 

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