Gearing Up for Yukomicon 2017

A comic-con is an annual event where sci-fi lovers congregate to pay homage to super heroes/villains/authors/actors/producers who help bring this genre to life on the big screen/small screen and comic pages.

Cities in North America and around the world host comic-cons, with San Diego being the most popular on this continent. There is typically something for every comic book fan, fantasy film lover, graphic novel enthusiast and the die hard science fiction peeps.

For the past two years, the Yukon Comic Culture Society (YCCS) has been proud to present Yukomicon, with impressive turnouts from special guests – such as film and television actors and comic book illustrators – and attendees.

Sci-fi and cosplay fans will have to wait another year, however, for the next Yukomicon. It has been postponed until August 2017.  

Paul Scholz, who is president of the YCCS, says cost is an issue this year and a large part of the problem is the high exchange rate of the American dollar.

“Sometimes it can be very costly to bring certain entertainers in. For the rest of 2016, our goal is to focus on fundraising,” Scholz says. “It is really important that we plan a quality convention.”

The entertainment world can be very costly indeed, with actors charging thousands of dollars for an appearance.

“We do get generous support from our sponsors, but rather than bring in some actors from older TV series, we would like to try and bring up actors from more recent shows – which can cost quite a bit more,” Scholz says.

One of the ways the YCCS plan to fundraise, is by putting on a theatrical production called Kill Shakespeare, based on the 12 series comic of the same name written by Conor McCreery – who was a guest at the Yukomicon last year.

“We decided to present (Kill Shakespeare) in the style of a radio play, but instead of being performed over the radio, it will take place on a stage at The Guild Hall in Whitehorse,” Scholz says.

Kill Shakespeare is essentially what the popular Shakespearean characters would be like if they each turned into a badass.

The play is set to take place June 2-4.

There will be other fundraising events taking place throughout the year, as well. And as usual, the YCCS drop in board game will continue to take place every month.

“We have over 70 boardgames, so everyone is welcome to come by, plus it’s free,” says Scholz.

Alongside the regular monthly games, there will be a special board game drop-in on Saturday, April 30 at noon at the Whitehorse Public Library to coincide with International Tabletop Day.

For the comic-con fans, no need to despair. The YCCS is working hard to raise enough funds to bring Yukomicon back for 2017 – and make it the best one yet.

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