Geek the Halls, a craft fair for the geeks-of-us

The second annual Geek the Halls craft fair is a different affair than the larger, more established craft fairs. But the vendors participating are a different sort of crafters and artists than the traditional Yukon crafters. Carrie Jackson, the Yukon Comic Culture Society president, explained that the society hosts creators who are focused on geek culture. The number of vendors was not yet finalized at the time of writing, as registration was still open.

“Our summer event was well attended,” said Jackson. “It’s a mix of artists and crafters. We have digital painters, jewellery-makers, cameo-makers and fan artists.”

The society has recognized that children are an integral draw for their brand, and will continue with their kids section at the craft fair. Participants will be able to participate in Harry Potter wand-making workshops, and they will also offer perler beads crafting. Perler beads crafting uses small plastics beads that are laid out on a surface in a design and then pressed and melted, with an iron, into a solid creation.

The Geek the Halls event is one of several events the society has been delivered this year that expand on the group’s main event,YukomiCon, according to Jackson. The group has been partnering with Titan Gaming & Collectibles to offer Settlers of Catan tournaments on a monthly basis, and that partnership has spawned another geek event for fantasy art fans. On November 20, they will host a fantasy drawing workshop at Titan Gaming & Collectibles that will feature model cosplayers dressed up as characters. The reveal of the subjects will be a surprise for participants.

As well, Jackson noted that the Yukon Comic Culture Society partnered with Boardwalk Burlesque, from Dawson City, to deliver an event there on October 12. Boardwalk Burlesque performed four “geeky” acts and the society did geek trivia in-between performances. The event was well-received and they plan to do it again, she said.

She also noted that their Harry Potter wand-making workshop is now being offered as a birthday party event, which helps raise funds for the society.

The Geek the Halls event happens on November 25 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Gold Rush Inn. For more information, check out their Facebook page, Yukon Comic Culture Society.

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