Let The Sun Shine on Your Work

I was on the phone with a Taurus friend of mine when it became clear – I needed to cast our collective Tarot reading about work, and work security and stability. This reading is for all of us, collectively and as individuals, with a special dedication to all the Earth signs out there – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. May this positive work-related reading soothe your soul.  

The Reading: 
Question: What attitude or advice will constructively help people with job and work stability and security from now to three months from now?  

The Deck: 
The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910. 

Astrological Circumstances:  
I cast the reading during the Waxing Moon, First Quarter, in Scorpio, in the evening, with a cloud of white sage and strong detective intentions. May it harm none.  

The Card:  The Sun. Major Arcana XIX (19).  

Rulerships: The Sun, Leo.  

Gems and Minerals: Diamond, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye. 

Physical Description: 
There is a beautiful gray and white horse carrying an infant rider, beneath a brightly shining sun and clear blue skies. The Sun card in the Rider-Waite deck is bright with golden rays beaming from a calm sun and a field of giant sunflowers. The child on the horse holds an orange banner. The banner flies through the air, connecting the glowing sun with the Earth, the meadow, the soil beneath the hooves.  

Metaphysical Description:  
The Sun card has arrived in our work stability and security reading to remind us to be optimistic and know success is possible. This card reminds us to literally look on the bright side, to embrace feelings of abundance. Even during moments when you fear scarcity, the abundant energy of the sun is growing food for you. The sun will warm you and light your way, and fill your belly. The Sun card also reminds us to grow things; enjoy the sunflowers’ beauty, and seeds as well. 

Horses appear so often in the Tarot, we may risk taking them for granted. Let’s not! The horse here is healthy and aglow with energy. Sure-footedly carrying a child bareback, the horse in Major Arcana XIX, reminds us to be confident in our ability to be and agile with precious cargo. Our babies and our youth appear here to remind us to play with our kids even when we are worried about work! Connect with the children in your life this summer.      

The Sun card’s rulerships are, perhaps not surprisingly, the Sun and Leo. As such, the card reminds us it’s okay to play in the summer sun a little! Take a break from pure productivity; sometimes goofing around will carry you to new exciting places. Leo is fire. Fire is one of the oldest symbols and expressions of faith, and of the ability to have faith. 

Perhaps for our Earth-sign readers – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – the advice to look on the brighter side is not as satisfying as, say, a recommendation to do something more physically productive. I have a suggestion that may feel a little more satisfying below. For now, enjoy the metaphysical for a moment. For the next zero to three months, we are asked to have more faith and be positive about our work stability and security. Even the sunflower yields food. The sun literally provides for us, enjoy watching the crops radiate and provide life with a renewed sense of possibility.   

And now the hands-on advice. Use your favourite physical skills, the things that make you feel happy, to their best possible expression. These could be skills and projects outside of your day job, but that provide physical, tangible outcomes. Let your skills shine; with them, you will shine brightly, and your work life will shine too.

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