Mini watercolour landscapes

Hello artists! Today’s art is inspired by the beauty of a single colour—blue!

I love blue colours. Our work today will be a great example of how we can make a beautiful landscape, even if we only have one colour. We will be inspired by monochromatic colours/blue hues and perspective. I encourage you to explore blue hues with me, but also to keep exploring many other colours after today, whatever you love best. Remember, we can’t make mistakes in art! Today we’ll make our little mountain landscape. Let’s start!

Mini watercolour landscapes

Mini watercolour landscapes


  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolours
  • Brushes and a water container


    1. Design mountain lines on your paper as in the picture—bonus point to be inspired by your favorite hiking places!

    2. Get two blue colors ready
      Take one blue (I used ultramarine, but anything works) and add white to make a lighter color for the sky. Colour the sky above the mountains.

    3. Take another blue (I used phthalo, but, again, anything works!) and add it as on the first, closest, layer of mountains. The mountains that are closer to you will be darker. This helps to create perspective and depth.

    4. Add a little white to the same blue you used in the mountains and add it to the next layer of mountains.

    5. Blend a bit more white in with your blue and add it to the next layer of mountains. Repeat with as many mountain layers as you have.
      Enjoy! Bonus: add a bird/other animals in your landscape.

Hope you enjoyed this time’s art and feel free to send me pictures of your artworks through “contact me” at I love seeing your art!
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