Pace Yourself, You Animal

Welcome to the first edition of “Traveling Light,”  my new column for What’s Up Yukon. I have much to share with you – tough to know where to start. 

To begin, I’d like to launch the column by drawing one Tarot card for the human community of the Yukon, and beyond, at this moment. 

Deck:  Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910.

Question: “What card do I need to share right now, to help us collectively and individually through our current situation?”

Astrological Circumstances: I cast the reading during the Full Moon in Scorpio, Full Flower Moon, in a cloud of smudge, with healing intentions. May it harm none. 

Photo/Illustration Credit: Aimee Dawn Robinson

The Card:  Strength. Tarot Card Eight (VIII, 8, rulership Leo) of the Major Arcana. 

In this deck, the Strength card has a brilliant gold background. The colour gold in this case is potent and uplifting, a hit of positivity. The card shows a figure gently interacting with the jaws of a lion. The lion and the person make direct eye-contact. Above the figure’s head floats the symbol for infinity, falling from their waist is a garland of abundant blossoms. They are wearing a mutton-sleeved, white gown. Lively flowers erupt from a crown upon the figure’s head as they stand with the lion in a rich green landscape near a vista of mountains. In some Tarot decks, the human depicted has their hand deep inside the lion’s mouth. In most decks, the person has grace and knowledge of culture. They know how to “behave,” in keeping with societal norms and requests.  

What does all this mean for us right now? Among many things, Card Eight reminds us to make eye contact with our passions and problems both. It’s easier to address your desires, wild sides and anger if you first get a good look at them. We’re also called upon to further develop our sense of culture; to re-define and refine what we think about “refinement”.  

I’d like to touch on three primary aspects of the Strength card. One, the need to seek counsel. Two, the power of courage, endurance and strength. Three, learning to balance your rage, fire, wildness, and passions with cultural expectations. 

Let’s combine these three aspects in a two-step action plan.

Don’t worry, it will be rewarding. 

Step one. Recognize and celebrate your vigor, health, and strength. Be proud of the collective work we’ve been doing to protect human life. With courage, we can face the new and sometimes raw emotions naturally accompanying the sudden changes in our lives. We are encouraged to stay strong! Your homework: after recognizing your contribution and feeling proud, resolve to continue to be courageous, and further build endurance and resilience. A lion knows how to pace themself. Pace yourself.   

Step Two. We need to seek counsel. To ensure the health of our spirits and minds, we each need to seek counsel from our Elders, teachers, counsellors, Aunties, Uncles, Rabbis, ministers, priests, trusted psychologists, mentors and coaches. Homework part two: consider, then seek out someone you trust to talk with on a regular basis. Talk together about increasing your ability to balance your raw passions with the expectations of culture. When do I get to be the lion, and when do I get to be “the lady?”. Furthermore, why? 

Enjoy your homework everybody! May it harm none. Next time, I’ll share how Astrology shows us how Covid-19 will help introduce a much better future for us all.  

Recognize one another and act in ways worthy of recognition

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