Recognize one another and act in ways worthy of recognition

The Tarot continues to fascinate and amaze. Sometimes we ask a big question, and brace ourselves for a challenging or lofty answer, yet the advice given feels surprisingly achievable. Often, when I cast a collective reading, I expect a Major Arcana card—these express major life themes, major changes, major stuff. In the Major Arcana, cards zero to 22, we encounter archetypes of growth through the life cycle. The most ancient of human symbols are the backbone of the Major Arcana. For example, The Sun, The Moon, The Devil, The Lovers. Sometimes it’s comforting when, instead, a “pip” (a.k.a. Minor Arcana card) arrives.

Often, with Minor Arcana cards, we can incorporate the advice a little quicker and learn the lessons on a more human scale. The pips are structured like playing cards. There are four suits, including Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups, and four elements, including Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Both run from Aces to Queens and Kings. The Minor Arcana is crucial to the Tarot deck, as all 78 cards work together to deliver the messages of the deck. There is no hierarchy of the cards in their potential to bring us relief and positive change.

What do we need to hold onto, or keep in these challenging times?

The Deck:
The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910.

Astrological Circumstances:
I cast the reading during the Waxing Moon in Pisces, in a cloud of white sage with curious intentions. May it harm none.

The Card:
Three of Pentacles of the Minor Arcana.

Taurus, Venus. Element: Earth. Direction: North

Physical Description:
In the Three of Pentacles in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, we see three figures inside a place of worship. One person has been building the sacred place, carving into stone to create beauty. The other figures are a monk and a wealthy patron, who present the worker with a reward for their skill and artistry.

Metaphysical Description:
We could talk about the number three (3) and sets of threes for a very long time. Humans clearly have a special connection with the number three and, in the Tarot, we see potent messages in all threes (3s) in the deck.

The Three of Pentacles is a stealth card. At first it seems easy to absorb the entire message, but there are multiple avenues of meaning to explore. Consider: art, craft, patronage, the value of doing good work and rewarding others for their good works, the politics of advancement, and what three (3) can mean for love. Also, the place of worship here is the site of good works. What happens when we work with and for divinity, or for something larger than ourselves?

The Three of Pentacles also reminds us to keep honesty and integrity, not just in work, but in love too. Love triangles, affairs, and multiple partners can be indicated by the Three of Coins. Fledgling Tarot readers, please note this is not always the case! Please don’t immediately assume you are in a love triangle, or that your partner is having an affair each time you see the Three of Pentacles.

To be rewarded, act in ways worthy of recognition! Hold onto and keep the desire and ability to do good work. Keep the ability to hold one another up, to see and reward good works. Continue to be patrons and creators, to honour the ancient cycle of quality work in all trades and genres. Keep relationships healthy and supportive. Avoid detracting from the success of others. Recognize when you need to play a supportive role. In love and matters of the heart, keep multiple relationships honest.

Let The Sun Shine on Your Work

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