Recycled mixed media art cards

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Love textures and colours from nature: the next time you’re on a walk, start looking at the different colours around you. Notice all the cool shapes: sticks that are short lines, tree tops that are triangles, rocks that are round shapes, grass that is long lines. Trees of all kinds, rocks, clouds, the sky is not even the limit! Then we’ll take our ideas inside, and, using some of that recycling that’s been piling up around the house, make some colourful art!

Recycled mixed media art cards

Recycled mixed media art cards


  • Scissors, glue, paper, pencil.


  1. Collect recycled materials such as magazines, tea boxes, etc. 
  2. Cut them to 1-2 '' pieces of basic shapes (circles, triangles, squares). This is wonderful motor-skills practice for small children, and cereal boxes are the best for this, as they’re very colourful. Remember all the cool shapes you’ve noticed? Let’s get them into art! 
  3. Take your paper and fold it in half.
  4. Take the cutout recycled materials and place it on your card, designing it as you wish! It’s really cool to make art you can feel pop out of the paper! Place the shapes on the outside of the card like a frame, if you wish.
  5. Glue the recycled materials into place. 
  6. Once it dries (lunch time/ break!) use sharpies to add outlines to your designs and shapes. 
  7. Make it into a card and give it to a family member, an essential worker/ neighbour/ etc. Let’s make it a way to say thank you and give thoughtful art to someone else!

Remember, the first rule of art here is you can’t make mistakes. Just keep going; the worst-case scenario is  we have to try again and make another card!

In the next edition of Art with Maya, I’ll share some steps for drawing and tips for creativity boosters, but for now, enjoy this art inspired by the great outdoors. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the coming spring, and feel free to share your art with me! I’d love to see what you create!


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