Sometimes less is more

Spring fever may feel overwhelming this year. Thank-you to my dear Taurus friend who helped me create the questions for this collective Tarot reading. Fitting a Taurus would ask about springtime!

What do we do with our spring fever this year? What attitude or actions shall we assume to best use our spring energy?

The Deck:
The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910.

Astrological Circumstances:
I cast the reading during the Waning Gibbous Moon in Libra, in a plume of white sage, with supportive intentions. May it harm none.

The Card:
Seven of Cups, Minor Arcana

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. Element: Water. Direction: West.

Time of Day:

It’s a good time for creative options and dreams. And also pipe dreams! Let your creative imagination touch physical reality

Physical Description:
In the Seven of Cups we see the back of an overwhelmed figure. They are presented with seven gold cups floating in smoke and mist, each cup teeming with a different strange and wonderful thing: a faraway castle, a snake, gems and treasure, a dragon, a head, a laurel crown and my favourite, a small, radiantly glowing figure draped in cloth. The background of the card is almost robin’s egg blue.

Metaphysical Description & Advice:
This spring, develop more awareness of the less visible elements of your life. Practice increased discernment between reality and illusion. Identify the differences between happy choices and options, and passive choices and completely impracticable options.
When you feel spring fever this year, notice when you feel grounded and embodied and times when you feel floaty and/or dissociative. Steer yourself towards grounded and embodied. Take any and all opportunities to clear cobwebs out of your mind through cardio exercise, walking, deep breathing, writing down happy daydreams in great detail, and playing narrative and fantasy games.

It’s a good time for creative options and dreams. And also pipe dreams! Let your creative imagination touch physical reality. Maybe everything you wish for cannot be realized at the moment, but you can take time now to expand your ideas about what is possible.
Within the smoke in the card, this springtime, we’re advised to avoid overindulgence in booze, hallucinogens, impulse shopping, fantasies and smokables. The Seven of Cups warns against losing yourself in the illusion! This card also addresses feelings of passive indecision and/or being overwhelmed by your own fantasies. With the Seven of Cups there is emotional sensitivity around making choices, having fantasies and seeking the perfect daydream.

The Seven of Cups also shows us that the things we visualize can become real, or are already elements of ourselves and our lives. Hence, be aware of the power of your thoughts! And be mindful of the impact your possible indecision or passivity may have on others. “Vague” is not usually an adjective one wishes for oneself. Try to keep your communication clear even when you feel dreamy, sensitive or illusive.

This springtime, if you feel overwhelmed, the Seven of Cups suggests identifying each individual irritant or problem, then sorting them mentally, one by one. Break problems, blocks and scary choices into smaller components and see what happens. Visualize things that would be to your benefit. When making decisions, try not to exhaust yourself with too many options. Sometimes less is more. 

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