Major Arcana VI, The Lovers

Tarot: Nurturing Children in Intense Times?

Question: How can we best support our children during intense times? 

The Card: Major Arcana VI, The Lovers 

Rulerships: Gemini, Mercury. 

Element: Air. 

Colours: Blue, Orange, Yellow. 

Day: Friday  

Gemstones and Minerals: Rose Quartz, Agate, Alexandrite, Clear Calcite, Staurolite 

The Deck: The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910. 


Astrological Circumstances: 

I cast the reading during the Last Quarter Moon in Aries, in a plume of white sage, with benevolent intentions. May it harm none. 

Physical Description:

In this gorgeous card, we see an angel named Raphael with strong fibrous red-purple wings, blessing two naked humans, as they stand in harmony with one another and nature inside an abundant garden. A snake winds ‘round the trunk of a healthy fruit tree behind one person. A tree of small flames stands behind the other person. In the background, we see a volcanic mountain. A giant vibrant sun shines behind the angel Raphael.

Metaphysical Description and Advice:

I have one million things to say about The Lovers; it is one of my favourite Tarot cards. But for now, we will focus on two layers of the card in relation to raising kids during intense times. Layer one, heart health. Layer two, communication during changes.

Layer one, heart health. This luscious card reminds us, our children exist inside our hearts as part of us. When our hearts are healthy, our children’s can be too. Major Arcana VI, The Lovers, is not only about the romantic relationships in our lives. It is also about living in harmony with creative spirit and with compassionate, loving intentions. 

The presence of the angel Raphael and the snake indicate the healing of spirit. In Hebrew, Raphael means, “God has healed”. In pre-Christian times, and today, the snake is a symbol of renewal and health. Strengthen the health of your heart for your kids. Encourage more balance between feminine and masculine energies in your family. Allow yourself to receive love. 

In The Lovers, human interconnection with nature is also a heart remedy and a constant state of being. Stay connected with nature and you will have less healing to do later.

Layer two, communication during changes! Raising kids brings a continual stream of choices and assessments. During intense times, the stakes of each choice can be higher, or feel higher. In the oldest versions of The Lovers card, the two people stand together at an actual crossroads. They assess the many possible paths and choices before them. 

The beautiful imagery in the card encourages the realization – it is beautiful to have choices. The card advises we make choices rooted in love and in balance with nature, our home. The Lovers recommend passing an abundant garden of a planet to our children.  

Gemini, the sign of communication and quick-change rules this card. Communication in the world of Gemini is fun and vital, effortless even. Communicate our choices with love to our children with a quick light touch and be ready to adapt and listen as the conversation unfolds (perhaps way faster than we would like it to!). 

With so much to question in the world, The Lovers suggests the kids you nurture need to hear balanced information from you, straight from the heart. If you fear you won’t know what to say, try remembering – it doesn’t need to be adorned; tune into nature and speak with true love. 

Remember to use your healthy heart when you communicate intense topics or big changes with kids you love. Try not to speak from the worried heart you beat up for your own purposes! 

If this last sentence resonates with you, please re-read Layer one, heart health, above!

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