Three Books for a Haunted Hallowe’en

I don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s almost Hallowe’en, which, as all Yukoners know, means winter will soon descend upon us with the stumbling, frozen fury of a zombie horde from The Walking Dead. If that’s not scary enough for you, here’s three creepy books you can read to get yourself in the mood for trick or treaters.

For the True Horror Connoisseur:

American Psycho. Bret Easton Ellis. (1991, Vintage Books).

Possibly one of the most disturbing works of fiction in the history of American literature, Ellis’ most famous novel depicts the macabre, cocaine-fuelled, gruesomely violent sexual escapades of Wall Street investment banker Patrick Bateman, who also just so happens to be a serial killer. On one hand a deeply horrifying portrait of the inner workings of a disturbed human being and on the other a stark and equally unsettling commentary on consumer culture, Psycho is an unstoppable ride into a slasher-flick nightmare. Many people are sure to have seen the movie, but the book is even more surreal and horrible; there is a scene involving a rat and a paper towel tube which is so awful it cannot be described in print in this publication. Not for the faint of heart.  

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