Turns out, being just and fair is hot

This summer, seek love aligned with your core values

May we please have advice for those seeking love this summer?

The Card:
Justice, Major Arcana XI

Libra, Venus, Saturn. Element: Air. Colour: Green. Minerals: Carnelian, Cat’s Eye.

The Deck:
The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910. Card illustration here by Aimée.

Astrological Circumstances:
I cast the reading during the Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn, in a plume of white sage, with compassionate intentions. May it harm none.

This summer, love is not only about how you feel, but what your values are

Physical Description:
In the Tarot card Justice, Major Arcana XI (in some decks, XIII), we encounter a figure seated on a stone throne in a place of great universal power, law and learning. The figure’s face is both serene and intense. Their robes indicate wealth but are not flashy. They are wearing a simple gold crown atop a classic bob haircut. In one hand, we see a sword, in the other hand she/he holds a set of balanced scales. There are stone pillars on either side of the throne. Between the pillars is a plum-coloured panel of fine cloth, velvet or heavy silk. Golden light comes from behind the fabric panel. The atmosphere of the card is calm.

Metaphysical Description & Advice:
At first, I was surprised by this card’s appearance in our summer love reading. Perhaps I was expecting something racier. Then I considered the depth of the connection between love and Justice.

In Tarot and Astrology, we talk about “rulerships”. The system of rulerships is a gorgeous web of interrelated planets and zodiac signs to which all objects, lifeforms, and entities have affiliations. For example, Venus rules our values and how we like to relate to others (and a lot of other things).

The Tarot card Justice is ruled by the astrology sign Libra, and therefore has quite a lot to say about seeking balance and fairness in love and in relationship. If you are seeking love this summer, start by being honest and fair with yourself about what you desire, then take this honesty and fairness into your courtship and love affairs. Your values and legal matters will affect your approach to love. Justice is clearly a huge theme in human interactions right now. Worldwide people are fighting for this very thing. This summer, love is not only about how you feel, but what your values are.

Balance is key. All things considered in 2021, if you seek more than one lover, honesty is extra important. The Justice card indicates less than honest dealings will lead to consequences. There is a big sword there, after all. Legal matters and education are indicated by the Justice card. You may find love in an educational or academic environment. If your love life currently involves legal proceedings such as divorce, strive for fairness, consistency and balance. Justice can also indicate the legal side of getting married. In either case, keep your actions straightforward and with an awareness of the big perspective and public frameworks.

While Justice is not the most playful of Tarot cards, with Libra’s influence on the card, lovely things such as charm, grace and appreciation for beauty will be part of the summer love-scape. Unity, fairness, sympathy and making all kinds of partnerships public will be featured.

This summer, the global lens of justice will continue to motivate and change relationships. Find people who share your values and you are off to a good start. Remember the light behind the curtain in the Justice card and decide what the light of justice means to you. This process will bring you more love than you may expect.

Specializing in nomadic arts, Aimée Dawn Robinson is a dancer, writer, visual artist, Tarot reader and astrologer. Readings with Aimée offer you fresh perspective and realistic tools for change and re-balancing. Read all about it, book readings, workshops, and gift certificates online at: www.bowandarrowtarotandastrology.com

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