Welcome 30 Below!

I was just getting started on working with Hollywood, my horse, out in Mendenhall (our home) when my grandparents were talking about the weather one night. As I lay in bed I couldn’t help to listen in when I heard “30 below.” Yikes!

Anyway, he sucked it up after 20 minutes of walking in a circle trying to convince him I wasn’t a monster. I finally got to him and started to take the ice off his back carefully. When my legs rubbed together he would back away and bow his head staring at my snowpants. He glared at them for a few seconds and stared right at me with a confused look. I couldn’t help but to break out laughing at that point. Hollywood hated it when I laughed at him, but he knew why I was laughing.

We have been through so many funny-but-dumb moments. For example, the first time I tried to put a saddle on his back he played me like, “here’s my back, but catch it if you can” game. It was frustrating but hilarious. It took 1 ½ hours just to put it on.

The other time was when we were trading for the summer. The first day of training was hard but we got it! I was just starting trick riding, so I decided Hollywood and I were ready to start exactly that. Bad turn of events. I got both feet up on his back, but the he would just start walking around as if I wasn’t there. Or when I finally (!) stood up on his back he started to trot around. Of course I fell off, but – meh – it’s chill. Hollywood ran over to me, put his face beside mine and squealed just to get me up faster.

Then when I stood up he stared at me and it seemed as if he was happy with himself and laughing on the inside.

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