Where There’s a Wig, There’s a Way

If you’re under pressure to get a Halloween costume together, take note that going as a ghost in a sheet with holes cut for eyes seems quick and easy, but it’s a ball and chain that will be annoying all party long. The whole night will be spent trying to keep the eyeholes in place over your eyes, and you can’t eat or drink unless you haul the sheet up to your waist so you can reach out for drinks and snacks then bring them under the sheet up to your mouth.

But awesome costumes are within easy reach in Whitehorse.

There are two stores in town that specialize in decking people out for Halloween: The Great Canadian Dollar Store and Adult Temptations.

In both cases you can either walk in with an idea and pick everything out yourself, or, you can walk in bewildered, under pressure and idea-less, and the staff will help you come up with something.

One big difference between them is that you can’t shop with your kids at Adult Temptations. Peruse-rs have to be at least 19 years old due to the long wall of sex toys opposite the long wall of Halloween costumes and corsets.

The Halloween costumes and accessories are pretty adult, too.

“We have packaged costumes – where everything you need is in the package – or you can do an ensemble costume where you can put something together,” says Ellen Oppold, owner of Adult Temptations.

Among the ready-to-go costumes are sexy little numbers for women such as a sexy female Mario Brothers costume, a genie, and a Little Red Riding Hood. They also have one called “Sexy Superhero Sidekick.”

For the guys they have such costumes as a police officer, a zombie police officer, and a kind of Slim Goodbody unitard that shows the muscles of the body underneath skin.

Prices for the packaged costumes range between $80 and $250.

To make your own costume, they have such building blocks as fishnet stockings, feather boas, gold body paint, and tutus.

Over at The Great Canadian Dollar Store they have gazillions of costume components, such as witches noses, Storm Trooper masks, and gold false eyelashes.

They have been stocking the store with Halloween stuff for costumes, home décor, and party favours for 17 years, so they have developed a broad base of freaky stuff to build your Halloween experience around.

Things like giant inflatable spiders for the front lawn, fake moustaches and beards, and Egyptian mummy cupcake kits.

If you want to pop in and pick out a ready-to-go packaged costume, they have such things as a sexy devil kit for ladies ($6) a ninja kit for guys ($10) and costumes for infants and kids.

However, for those with time to get creative, owner Lana Rae invites folks to tap into their knowledge of the store’s inventory.

“We like to help people create their costumes because we don’t want everyone to look exactly the same,” Rae says. “So people come in and get personal attention. And if they want to be a – a werewolf-butterfly – we can make that happen.”

One simple way to metamorphosize is to put on a wig.

“Putting on a wig is a changer,” Rae says. “You’re a different person. I think that’s what people like about it. And it’s a really cheap way to transform yourself.”

The Great Canadian Dollar Store has more than 200 different styles of wigs.

“I sell tons of men’s mullets,” she says. “For the girls, it’s the coloured ones: blues and greens and pinks.

“I get lots of requests for Day of the Dead wigs, and they come with a full face mask, a fabric mask that you can see through the eyes.”

The zombie section of the store is really popular, she says, and they take special orders for folks going to zombie parties throughout the year.

As a matter of fact, they have a dress-up section in the store all year long, which swells at Halloween time.

“It’s so busy, it’s so crazy – and it’s really fun,” Rae says.

The Great Canadian Dollar Store is located at 4230 4th Avenue. They are open until 6 p.m. every day except Friday, when they are open until 9 p.m.

Adult Temptations is open Monday to Saturday from noon until 9 p.m.

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