How Old is Too Old to Go Trick-or-Treating?

That time of year has come again and Halloween is upon us. Goblins, ghouls and vampires are sure to be scouring the streets on the 31st of October in search of the houses’ treasure: candy.

But among the 4 foot gremlins, the outlines of lanky teenagers will be visible, which begs the question: How old is too old to trick or treat?

Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, has been around since ancient times. However, where in its history does it state the age group of people celebrating this ancient festival?  I don’t think there was a cut-off in the old days, and yet somehow in our society today it is deemed not okay for teens to go trick-or-treating.

I remember when I turned 14 my parents looked at me and said, “Honey I think you’re getting too old for this, why don’t you hand out candy?”

Hand out candy?! I don’t think my parents realized I was on a student’s budget and any festival that promoted free things I was going to wholeheartedly be a part of.

Growing up it seemed adulthood grew nearer every day and so the few things that kept me feeling like a kid I made sure to keep intact.

Dressing up like some crazy being and running from house to house for candy did not seem like a bad thing to me. And yet for some reason at my age it was frowned upon. The alternative activity would most likely involve a Halloween party consisting of less candy and more not-so-great temptations.

So, why not allow young adults to feel like kids one night a year? The price might only be that you have to buy one extra bag of Mars Bars. At least the whereabouts of your child would be known.

One day I’m sure teens will decide they’ve outgrown the wonderful feeling of trick-or-treating and would rather spread the magic than receive it. Hopefully that will be when they are ready to do so.

The feeling of magic has become harder and harder to find so it is in festivals like this one that we must keep it alive.

Hallowe’en has been around in its ghoulish form for over two millennia and we should continue to live out the tradition. It is a festival where people of all ages can participate and let the darkest corners of their imaginations be set free.

So perhaps there should be no age limit on trick-or-treating. We just can’t be complaining when the silhouettes of 1-year-olds to 99-year-olds are seen throughout the streets excitedly walking from house to house collecting their Halloween treats.

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