Summer is finally upon us.

We come out of our houses blinking at the increased daylight like a bunch of groundhogs. Whitehorse feels more vibrant. People are leisurely walking around amazed that it stays light past 5 o’clock.

Soon the streets will be teeming with tourists, especially on Tuesday and Thursday when the Condor flights from Germany arrive.

Now, German women (the real outdoorsy types) look lesbian, there is no denying it. I am amazed when I see these women arm in arm with their husband because they often have the shaved heads and big boots and flannel shirts.

They would be hit on in any gay bar.


Yes, you may see them sitting in a bar having a drink and you may think to yourself, Now there is someone new that I might have to get to know. Try and distinguish between queer and German, it could be difficult, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lesbians love to fish. I am endlessly treated to Facebook accounts of my lesbian friends’ latest adventure in the world of angling.

Enjoy those rivers and lakes and be thankful that, for a few short months, you do not have to drill a hole through four feet of ice to do it.

Yes, lesbians love fishing so much they even ice fish, which to me seems an unnecessary misery.

Again, if you are standing on the shore casting your line and you see a cute, shaved, cargo-pant-wearing girl nearby, stop and listen for an accent before offering to show her your (al)lures.

Now that I have warned you sufficiently about the dangers of hitting on straight women tourists, I should encourage all of you dykes to go out and enjoy summer.

Winter is drab, we have to bundle up and we don’t really see each other.

Summer is about shorts and tees and showing off that new tatty you got after a particularly dark, depressing week in February.

Strut around town showing it off with a cool pair of shades.

Wear your favourite lesbian identifiable tee and see what kind of interest you can drum up. Maybe you will run into a van full of cute dykes touring the Yukon who will need your expertise, as a local, to show them around.

In June, stay tuned to what is happening with your GALA board. Some great events by this hard-working board are being planned for Pride Week, including a film festival, GALA bike teams in the Chilkat International Bike Relay, a camping night, a family BBQ and picnic, all ending with an entry in the Canada Day Parade.