As we speak (’cause “read together” sounds kinda weird), I have Facebook open on another window.

I’m trying hard not to check it.

Indeed, I am one of “those” – one of those people who actually waste their time stalking friends, vague acquaintances and various exes on the extremely popular and widely vilified website known as Facebook.

Dubbed a social-networking site, Facebook allows any “Johnny Internet” the ability to idly chit-chat and annoy practically anyone in the world. You can also form groups of fellow “Charlie Sheen Appreciators”, take a quiz on “Which Communist Dictator Am I?” and even plan your funeral!

May be attending? (Jerk!)

Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of how the Internet evolves?

This social-networking thing is a lot of fun for a lot of people, and not just for the unfathomable amount of time you can waste on it at work.

Wink Smiley.

I’ve reconnected with a lot of old friends and I keep well in touch with my close ones. I’ve been keeping up with relatives around the world and, yes, even my mother has fallen in love with Facebooking.

She’s still working on uploading a profile picture but, hey, progress!

The whole point of Facebook is basically one giant coffee klatch; we’re all gathered together to cheer and moan our daily sufferings in one-sentence sound bites.

It’s like open-mic night for you and your friends, all the time. Cleverness and Annoyance dance hand in hand across everyone’s personal diary. What’s not to love?

Sometimes it’s great to know that other people are having as lousy a day as you are. Sometimes it’s nice to know that people are keeping an eye on you and letting you know that you’re doing well …

Especially when living in the North. There are people thousands of kilometres away who genuinely want to know what you’re up to – this second. And that’s cool.


How can you not be truly amused? knowing that there is a possibility that a picture of you, passed out under a picnic table when you were 15, could suddenly appear on the Internet for the whole world to see. How awesomely awkward is that?

Or, who knows how many times you appear in other people’s pictures? People you don’t even know.

Hey – there were a lot of cameras flashing during Rendezvous is all I’m saying. When I had my pants off. Disgusting. You should have been there. Really. Where was I?

I know, I’m starting to sound like those guys at Wreck Beach, but, to be perfectly honest, I’m the kind of dude that usually likes to socialize from the safety and comfort of my futon, if you get my drift.

When you’re kinda introverted, having opportunities for electronic serendipity at home (or work) can’t be anything but addictive.

So, I should probably go and check my Facebook now.

What’s that? Be a fan of “Sarcasm”?

Facebook, I just love you.