Here’s my dilemma: it’s 9:30 on Thursday night and I need to “put the paper to bed” by the

end of the night. Everything else in complete, except my Jabbering. It’s been a long week for me (as I’m sure it has been for many) and I’m not feeling very inspired.

On top of that, Ben Mahony, who has been one of my best friends for the last half-decade is playing his guitar at the Ginger Jam in the Boiler Room tonight. This jam session will also serve as a going away party for Mr. Mahony, because he is leaving the territory for Central America next week. I really want to go and say hi.

But duty calls.

Typically I like my articles to be at least 500 words, but I can fudge it a bit, and submit an article as low as 400 words on occasion. Currently (before editing) my word count is 162, which means I have about 340 words to go if I want it to be full-length, and 240 words to go if I decide to settle.

Now my word count is 197.

I’m getting there.

Another problem I have is that I need to come up with an image to accompany the story. In this particular case, an image of Ben and I together would be appropriate, but he is downtown and I am in Takhini so I cannot take one now, and in all my photo archives, I do not have a photo of appropriate size and quality to compliment the story.

So I will probably take a hasty and more-or-less meaningless photo on my iPhone and submit it. Please do not judge me harshly.

It is 9:52 and my word count is 312. Usually these things take me three hours to write; I’m making great time.

Now, for the first time I am at a loss as to which way to proceed. I thought the idea for this article was funny in a “meta” sort of way, and it was going pretty well at the beginning, but now I’m running out of steam.

I need about 115 more words.

The other day someone asked me what my favourite word was, and I thought it was such a cool question. I think it was the first time anyone ever asked me that.

I said monosyllabic.

Someone else said dichotomy.

Someone else said succinct.

All three are fantastic words.

I should finish strong and wrap this article up with a moral. But I don’t think I have it in me this time.

It’s 10:10 and my word count is 463; my pace is slowed but, like a marathon runner I can see the end in sight.

For those who have stuck with me through this exercise, I thank you. We got through this thing together.