Looking for Yukon Love Online: Part 1: What (and who) are the odds?

Okay, here I am — an educated, articulate, professional, employed man.

I’m mid-1950s vintage, a home owner, and unattached. I keep fit with outdoor activities. I love drama, art, and music. During the several years I’ve been in Whitehorse, I’ve joined and organized groups, taken and presented courses, been a volunteer, and attended a wide range of events.

I’m also lonely.

I have really good friends here, many of whom are single women. But so far, nothing has really clicked romantically. Furthermore, I keep meeting the same people over and over. So how do I broaden the circle of people I know to find that special woman who is out there somewhere, preferably in Whitehorse?

A charming female friend (attached, darn) asked if I considered online dating. Yes, but not seriously.

Maybe it was time to give it a try.

“After all,” my friend assured me, “from a woman’s perspective, the goods are odd.”

So for me, a cultured man with a lot to offer, the odds should in theory be good.

I did some research and signed up for a free dating site. I carefully crafted an online profile I hoped would provide a glimpse of the sensitive, real me, while sufficiently differentiating me from all the other (ahem) apparently odd men around. I added several photos of me outdoors, where I love to be.

Then I checked who else was on the site. Non-smoker: check. No drugs: check. Anywhere in Yukon: check. Age, within a decade or so either side of mine for a start: check.

No other restrictions. Search…

Hmm, the resulting list contained 52 profiles, and I examined every one.

My conclusion? If that special woman is out there, her profile certainly doesn’t leap out at me.

So to that special woman — the one with whom I want to share those unique moments of sunlight on the mountains, candle-lit dinners, and tears of joy — I’ll offer some suggestions over the next few weeks on how I think you could tailor your online dating profile to make it easier for me (and anyone else) to decide if we might conceivably have something remotely in common.

Of course, these general ideas could also apply to any guy wishing to find the light of his life.

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