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Last issue I started talking about the living requirements of these beautiful little birds, Budgies. But since I’m long winded, I wasn’t able to fit everything into one article. So today we will wrap up this topic.

Feeding Budgies is relatively easy, they will survive on seed alone. But I have to warn you that the seed available in the grocery store will only sustain them, it will not keep your bird healthy.

I discovered when I started breeding them that these easy-to-get boxes of seed have very little of the right nutrition. They do not have enough of the right seeds in them.

Here in Whitehorse, we are lucky to have two places that carry excellent seed that will keep them healthy. The difference in my birds was amazing.

Duffy’s Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply has an excellent mix that it sells by the pound and The Feed Store now carries Sun Seed products which are also great. I have used both products and always found them to be of good quality.

As I said, seed alone will sustain them, but if you want really bright plumage and long-lived, active birds, supplement with other foods. Carrots, apples, spinach, multi grain bread and beets are a few of their favourites. You can also take some of their seed and soak it until it sprouts. That is a real treat for them.

Since Budgies are so playful, it is very entertaining for both them and us if we add toys to their cage. Everything from mirrors with bells to hanging ropes with wooden blocks for them to chew on can be used. They also like swings and ladders.

Budgies do a great deal of chewing, partly for fun, but mostly because they need to keep their beaks from overgrowing.

I found an easy way to help with this by supplying them with wooden perches. Because the store-bought ones get rather pricey after a while, I went out back and cut my own. Willow and poplar make great perches for these little hookbills. It won’t take them long to chew right through these perches, but they are easy to replace.

In the summer, I would go out and collect fresh willow branches with the leaves still attached and put them in the cages. Budgies love eating the leaves and they shred the smaller twigs down to toothpicks. All in all, I always loved watching them climb through the thin branches and hang upside down while eating them.

I should also mention that in the wild, Budgies travel in large flocks. So ideally you should always have at least two of them as they get lonely very easily. And a lonely Budgie is a very loud Budgie.

By providing your Budgie with a roomy cage, good food and plenty of toys and things to chew on. You can be sure to have many years of entertainment and joy out of these little birds.

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