My Cup Runneth Over

In 2012 I came up to volunteer at the Yukon Quest Dog Sled Race and fell in love with the land. As I was approaching retirement, I decided that I would find a way to relocate my hobby dog team, consisting of mostly rescued dogs, and myself and four cats to the Yukon.

It was a shock when after 10 years with the same employer I was laid off on two days notice. So, it was a fast move (before I ran out of money). In June of last year, I arrived with “Yukon or Bust” painted on my tailgate.

In the scramble, my favorite teacup was left behind, still proudly displayed on my kitchen wall. A friend, who’s daughter I had introduced to mushing, had found it in a second hand store and bought it as a gift for me because of the dog team on the cup and saucer. My roommate had bought and altered a special display shelf for it and mushers were offered tea in it when they dropped in.

Since I arrived in the Yukon I have met so many wonderful, thoughtful and helpful people. Some brought food, others hauled water for us and loans were given to see us through rough patches. Nearly every day I am moved to tears by the beauty of this land and its people. Yesterday a package from my old roommate came in the mail. It was my teacup complete with its shelf. Marvelling that it arrived in one piece, I noticed the imprint on the bottom of the cup. “Made exclusively for Murdoch’s Gem Shop, Whitehorse, Yukon.”

The teacup had found its way home and so had I. Truly my cup runneth over.

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