My First Baby: Emma

We moved into our newly built log house one week before my due date.

We were racing against time, because we planned our home to be one where I’d have my child, and wanted our first baby to be born in the house we built together.

She took her time. I had my first contraction seven days past my due date. It was 1:00 a.m. but I was so excited to meet my baby that I stayed up all night, even though the contractions didn’t get serious until daylight.

The house had power, but the running water and phone line hadn’t been set-up yet.  We drove a ways towards town (we lived 70 km away), until we got reception with the car phone, because I absolutely had to tell my Mom that I was in labour. 

Contractions in the car were a killer; I hated not being able to move around like I wanted to. It got worse, because in the middle of nowhere I had to go to the bathroom – number two. So I was out there alone but for one million mosquitos to keep me company and my contractions in between. It was so nice to get back home.

We filled the tub with warm water from our temporarily-hooked-up hot water tank. 

The it was extremely nice in the water. I lost track of time and just laboured away at my own speed in the birthing tub, watched and waited on by my wonderful husband, my two midwife friends and sometimes the video camera, held by another close friend.  My baby was posterior so things got quite painful during transition, but when I was fully dilated she turned and that made everything easier.

I was amazed at how good it felt to push and feel the baby come lower, but it also took courage and a lot of power.

Finally, the last push. Out came the baby with outstretched arms, diving up to the surface like she wanted to say Here am I catch me if you can!

And I caught her, held her close, looked at her chubby cheeks and found out that she is a girl. Daddy cried while our little girl took her first breaths, still attached to me, slowly transitioning to life in this world of air and light. 

We greeted her in the tub and let her float in the warm water close to us. She opened her eyes and looked at her parents. We praised God for this wonderful birth and this beautiful little miracle. 

Emma was born after 14 hours of active labour, weighed 8 lbs and 15 oz and she was 20.5 inches long.

The birth was painful but I enjoyed every minute of it. Giving birth is the most amazing, empowering thing a woman can do. We get pushed to our limits, yes, but we are made to do this and I would encourage every woman to embrace her experience with all she has. 

What’s your story?  If you are interested in having your Yukon birth story published please contact me through [email protected] to arrange an interview.

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