My Journey to Confidence, Clarity, Empowerment & Freedom

Oh, my little Elsa is already three. Time goes by really fast, but not too fast. Time goes by at a perfect speed. I appreciate every moment and I try to be fully present as often as I think of it.

Yes it is hard, but it’s possible. Every time Elsa’s birthday comes around, I take the time to reflect on how I got to where I am. Three years ago, I started my journey as a woman determined to become the best mother for Elsa. The gifts that I received were highly valuable and life changing.


To become the best mother, I thought I had to give Elsa everything; I thought I had to put her first (most likely because I saw most parents do this). When Elsa was born, I decided to change my career from a teacher to a life coach. Through the training, and the support of my own life coach, I quickly learned that to become the best mother, I had to focus on my relationship with myself. This confused me.


I always thought I had a good idea of who I was, but I soon realized that I was on auto-pilot most of the time and my beliefs were not mine but others’.

Thanks to many tools and support from my coach, I improved my relationship with myself very quickly. I was able to get a clear picture of who I am and what gives me energy. I really had to prioritize my “me” moments where I made sure that there were no distractions or I wasn’t multitasking.


The first three months were dedicated to a “deep cleaning” of my life. To do this, I was open minded, committed and determined in having the best life. I learned that I always have a choice: I can say yes or no to a meeting, change my perception on a situation or stay away from people that drain me.

This was not easy, actually it was quite hard, but with practice and commitment, life became easier, simpler, better and the hard work was so worth it.

Prioritizing the moments related to my personal growth was the best investment I could have done for myself and everyone around me. I will now have access to effective tools for the rest of my life and my happiness will be contagious.


So how can I be the best mother for Elsa? Modeling. I live the life that I chose because I want to show her that it is possible.

I am confident; I have clarity with who I am and where I am going; I feel empowered because I know that when I make a decision, it is the right one; I feel freedom because I am not on autopilot anymore.

These are some of the gifts that I received and that I am now sharing with my daughter, my family, my clients and my community.


Starting in January, I will be answering questions related to life challenges so you can start your year with some support through my column by asking a question, reading the answers and/or by experiencing life coaching. The New Year is coming and it is a good time to reflect on how you would like your year to look like.

After all, my grandmother always said, “Life is what you make it.”

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