November 4th, the world breathed a sigh of relief.

No longer will we have to awkwardly avoid the United States in the UN cafeteria, picking up our trays and wandering over to the back of the room to sit with Botswana. We can hopefully go back to the good ol’ days, those halcyon days; the Clinton and Chretien golfin’ buddy good times.

With Obama taking over the reins, we can all hopefully get over the past eight years of the rootin’ tootin’ Texan’s rule.

I was fortunate to be in Florida on vacation through the election hoopla, to experience the jubilation of this historic event.

South Florida generally leans toward the Democratic side. Perhaps due to the influence of our Snowbirds wintering there? There were times while lying on the beach, our delicious sun would be eclipsed by a rotund shirtless man’s belly, while he shouted across the beach: “Ey, Claudine! Ou es’ qu’on manger c’ soir!”

But I digress.

We went to Boca Raton to check out an open mike at the Funky Buddha Lounge.

(Yep, doubt I’d find Republicans there.)

Practically all the performers, from the comics and musicians to the genuine beat poet, had something to say about the election. And all of it was gratitude.

The host of the show invited me back to perform that weekend at a pro comedy show, so I jumped at the opportunity to explore the election issue.

In front of a packed house, I was able to discuss the particulars of the election, from a Canadian perspective. And predictably, there was an acknowledgement of understanding going on.

A whole “We know that you know how bad it was before, were sorry – but hey, we’re back!”

They fully understand how much of a bullet they dodged with the McCain/Palin ticket. There was a wide variety of “McCain is so old …” jokes, that I could barely find room to fit mine in.

And how could I add to what had already been said about Palin?

(Honestly, I was pretty ignorant of who exactly was running our neighbour to the left until the election. To which I said: “Really?”)

Sure, a female VP would be a nice landmark – if it wasn’t held by someone so oblivious. I’m not afraid to mince words, she ain’t the sharpest knife the drawer. It’s pretty well documented.

Besides, considering the sweet cabinet post Senator Clinton is receiving, that will be the truly groundbreaking stuff, Palin’s 150 thousand-dollar powersuits not-withstanding.

So, for those of you who may have been avoiding the States for one reason or another, don’t judge the country too harshly. This is a nation that is diametrically opposed from one side to the other. So while it may seem like, as a whole, some wacky decisions are made, one-on-one these are some of the friendliest, most honest people you’ll find.

There’s a new president. It really is the start of a new era for the US.

If anything, my fiancée and I can highly recommend the Mummy Returns ride at Universal Studios.

After helping build a thriving comedy circuit for the Yukon, Anthony Trombetta is now on the road looking for a bigger stage. You definitely do not want to contact him at because he is a member of the elite liberal media in the tank for Obama.