One Thing We All Agree On …

Heading into summer = a wonderful time.

And no matter how much extraneous snow may continue to fall, nothing can dampen the spirit of the truly gung-ho.

This is the time when calendars come out, the grand trips are planned and all the winter’s empties head to the recycling depot for a sweet boost of gas/beer money.

Besides, you’re not going to need furnace oil for a good while now, right? Right?

Not that I really mind a chilly day or two as we head into summer. I still have a lot of work to do on my “winter coat”. Let’s just say my winter went exceptionally well in pushing the limits of how far my “Lazy Sunday” could go into the rest of the week.

I could simply blame inertia, but apparently I was actively trying to set a world record in languidness.

But now the call of warmer times is upon us.

I have no choice but to join the throng of people and crane my head, crocus-like, toward some serious Vitamin D – whether my T-shirts fit me or not.

There are numerous campsites to claim and countless causes to run for.

Your favourite watering hole is dusting off their patio deck chairs, clouds of mouth-watering BBQ smoke is rising over Porter Creek, daily, and the Yukon Brewing Company is churning out fresh batches of liquid gold.

There are countless examples of the Yukon’s love affair with summer.

It’s such a glorious, short season. Why wouldn’t we attack it with rabid voracity?

This is exactly the kind of life that turns a brand-new transient into a future Sourdough.

When an entire territory takes to celebrating two months in a, dare I say, wicked, awesome kind of style, it’s plenty hard not to get infatuated with the North.

This isn’t some complicated kind of math going on here.

Yukon gardens function the exact same way. The growing season is so short, but the days are so long. Those plants take advantage of every ray of summer sunshine they can get, just like the gardeners themselves.

I’m not saying that stumbling out of the bar at 2 a.m. into a still-sunlit sky is akin to religious experience but, when it happens to you for the first time, it sure does come close.

Check it out. The May long weekend always seems to be the catalyst.

That Friday afternoon will look like a wacky 70s road movie as countless vehicles peel out of the liquor store parking lot to head to their respective lakes and hideaways.

Heading out of work becomes all the more easy as your boss is chomping at the bit to hitch up the boat just as much as you are.

This is a rare time where absolutely everyone in the territory gets on the same page: the nine-to-fivers, the artists, the government employees and, indeed, the obligatory new batch of Cheechakos.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that as we head into our various avenues of summery adventure, there’s at least one thing the territory can agree on.

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