Random acts of kindness

“The road leading out of Takhini North has a sharp turn and it is icy. Instead of following the bend, my red Ranger truck kept going straight and into a snow bank at 8:15 p.m. on Feb. 2. A gentleman, with a moustache, stopped and had me turn my tires just so. Then a small car stopped and four big teenagers piled out. They practically threw my truck back onto the road.”

Linda Lemphers-Fenton had just finished writing her book, Betrayal of Innocence, when she started looking at the idea of self-publishing. Marsha Stewart, a good friend, offered her $500 US just to have it done professionally.

Elizabeth Beecroft was given a doll by a co-worker. She saw it in a store window and thought it was “the cutest little thing. So she bought it just so Beecroft could give it to her daughter, Emily.

This week’s winning submission

Lena writes: “After one very, long day on the job, I shovelled the rather generous accumulation of snow off my car and headed home. I was not looking forward to clearing the driveway and walkways around my house. When I arrived home, I found the snow had already been cleared! I was thrilled! A big thank you goes out to my neighbour for this act of kindness.”

Are you the recipient of a random act of kindness? Did someone make your day a little brighter? Give that person the recognition they deserve and encourage others to be kind by sharing your story. Sportees Active Wear will give a $10 gift certificate to the person who submits the best story.

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