Santa: A Superhero!

Superhero. Super-Hero. Super Hero. Super. No matter how you spell it, the magic, myth and mystery of our greatest stories comes from these characters of legendary proportions, completing heroic acts and always with a special power or skill to get the job done. The most inspiring of them all—Santa Claus! He is known by many names, is celebrated in countless countries and represents some of our most-important values: kindness, compassion, generosity, sharing, empathy, positivity and goodwill to all. Girls and boys around the world are on their best behaviour leading into the season, and the questions about why, with whom, when and how he manages it, is the biggest mystery of all …

How does Santa get down the chimney? Are the other reindeer jealous of Rudolph? Can he really visit all those houses in one night? Do elves work every day of the year!? Just how good do I need to be to stay on the Nice List? Why doesn’t Santa include batteries in the presents? Is he really watching all the time? …

The Answer: Santa has super powers!

  1. Immortality: White-bearded, red-cheeked and of notable stature, Saint Nick has been working for several centuries and we don’t anticipate retirement anytime soon.
  2. Supernatural Perception: He is always watching, listening and can see things no matter where you are.
  3. Shapeshifting: This includes the many forms he must take to access homes through chimneys, under doors or through keyholes, as well as his change from Santa Claus to Kris Kringle to Saint Nicholas.
  4. Conjuration: With last-minute requests, the latest toys on the market and kids shifting from the Naughty List to the Nice List in the 11th hour, Père Noël is well prepared, as he can conjure toys out of thin air.
  5. Teleportation: While Kris Kringle tends to ask Rudolph and the reindeer for primary transport, he can also teleport himself anywhere on Earth, at any time.
  6. Apporting or Apparate: Critical for Father Christmas’ helpers and the reindeer is apparition (his ability to teleport others with a gesture).
  7. Finally … MAGIC: the indescribable, unlimited and greatest power of all! Most often seen in Santa Claus’ ability to spread joy, cheer and love!

But … all superheroes have a weakness, and Santa is no different. Father Christmas draws his magic and power from the strength of his believers and from the kindness in our world. The more we believe, the kinder we are to each other, the greater the magic of the season and the man himself … and we know Yukoner’s have joy and holiday spirit to spare. (With all these powers, we can be grateful that Père Noël uses his powers for good!)

With all of this inspiration, the theme of this year’s Santa Claus Parade is Santa’s Superheroes, and we can look forward to seeing many famous and fun characters to wave at, cheer for and share goodies with. On December 8 from 4 to 6 p.m., we will celebrate the many superheroes in our community, from the local businesses that sponsor our sports teams, to the community associations that celebrate our culture, to the families who share their time with those who need it most over the holidays. We thank all of our Yukon superheroes for your time, energy and enthusiasm.

From all of Santa’s Helpers at Unlikely Events Yukon, our parade partners, the Families of Casino Mining Corporation and City of Whitehorse and the parade sponsors and floats, we are very pleased to bring you this year’s Whitehorse Winterval and Santa Claus Parade and to wish you Happy Holidays in just a few the wonderful languages we hear in our community.

Have a Super Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas

Joyeux Noël

Ut’àkwädįch’e dzänù nà’kwįètth’ät (Southern Tutchone)

Ut’óhudìnch’i hųlin dzenú (Northern Tutchone)

Drin Tsal zhìt shòh ohłìi (Gwich’in)

Gu.àłshé hà s’àtí yagìyí i jiyís wùk’ê[ (Tlingit)

Kuhīni kuts’įh nahts’į’ Denetie Chųé’

kúlīni dzenḗs sṍgā enahzen (Kaska)

Drin Tsul zhìt shò ǟhłay (Han)

Jesus kòhdlīni dzenḗs kut’eh (Tagish)

Dzeen shìit choh shìit soonayh ahłįį (Upper Tanana)

Feliz Navidad


Frohliche Weihnachten

Parade Day

Santa Claus (Superhero) Parade

Saturday, December 8 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Parade Route: Main Street (Sixth Avenue to Main at Front Street)

Main Street Christmas Tree Lighting (at the end of the parade)

Interested in joining the parade or learning more? Please visit us on Facebook, UnlikelyEventsYukon.

Parking: Please note that parking will be closed off at 3:45 p.m. until the parade is finished. (All vehicles parked on Main Street will have to remain parked until the parade is over.

Thank you for bringing the magic of Christmas to life in Whitehorse

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