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Marley Tredger entertains the Baked Laughs crowd

The Whitehorse comedy scene is on a roll as of late. There have been pro comic events at the Guild Hall, the Ride for Dad Comedy Night, the creation of the Yukon Comedy Collective and the Yukon Comedy Festival. Seasoned Yukon comics have also been getting opportunities to perform outside of the territory, and an influx of new performers are gracing Yukon stages.

In short, it’s a good time to have a funny bone.

One of the events that has helped cultivate this resurgence has been Baked Laughs, the stand-up nights presented monthly at Baked Café, 100 Main Street, in the Horwood’s mall. The show has been running strong since its inception in April 2017 and is produced by long-time stand-up and improv comic, George Maratos. Although Maratos has held comedy nights at various Whitehorse locations in the past, he feels the smaller and quaint atmosphere of the licensed Baked Café is a more-suitable home for the audience and its performers.

Baked Laughs producer, George Maratos

“I always felt comedy’s better when your right up there with the crowd, and I wanted to have a venue that was a little more comic-friendly for new people and more intimate according to size. I also think because it’s a coffee shop, we’re bringing in a different audience rather than the bar. For people who don’t like the bar, the coffee shop is appealing, and you can still get a drink,” he said.

Baked Laughs is an open-mic event, sprinkling seasoned and new performers together, with each performing five- to seven-minute comedy sets. A large portion of Baked Laughs is stand-up comedy; however, the event is billed as an “evening of stand-up comedy, storytelling, poetry and more.”

Maratos conceptualised Baked Laughs to encourage all forms of live comedy. His idea was to open the floor to performers, as a variety show rather than just stand-up comedy, to encourage community participation on stage.

“I was looking for a way to get more comedians ou, and I figured if it was marketed as not just a stand-up show, it would help people get adjusted. It’s a different style of comedy,” said Maratos.

Another reason Maratos chose performing at the Baked Café, over a traditional bar, was to help attract a wider range of audience and performers.

Marley Tredger is a 17-year-old comic who began performing stand-up last year. Because Baked Café doesn’t have the same age restrictions as a bar may have, she is able to hone her comedy craft and continue her stand-up act at Baked Laughs, on a regular basis.

It is consistently my favourite show to do. The crowd is always a lot of fun. The comics are ridiculously talented and it’s been an absolute joy being able to work with them,” said Tredger.

Another regular performer is Oshea Jephson. Jephson was encouraged to try stand-up—for the first time, at Baked Laughs—and was hooked. “It really is a little family. No one is there to beat you down or make you quit. People are excited to laugh, and if you can do that, you’ve tapped into the best drug there is,” he said.

Baked Laughs continues to showcase new and existing comedy talent in Whitehorse, and Maratos encourages both audience and performers to check it out.

“Once a month you get to come out and laugh your butt off for two hours. We need more laughter in the world, and Baked Laughs provides that. It’s in a licensed coffee shop and it provides a comfortable environment. I can’t imagine not having a regular comedy night in Whitehorse.”

The next edition of Baked Laughs will be on June 20 @ 7:30 p.m. (you pay at the door).

If you would like to perform at the event, you can arrive at the door or contact George Maratos at [email protected].

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