Sipping tea for a good cause

It is a job that is not tied to the clock; there is no time card for her to punch in and out. It is a job that, when it is done well, demands countless hours. Her duties range from those of a master chef, to those of a cheerleader, to an expert negotiator. Her job is likely the hardest in the world; yet, it is also the most rewarding. She is the family CEO, she is Mom.

No other service provider understands the demands of motherhood more than the Child Development Centre (CDC). As a result, the Child Development Centre is having a fundraiser on May 12 to celebrate the family CEO.

This fundraiser will have moms and their acquaintances relax, drinking tea and enjoying sandwiches, scones and bannock while not lifting a finger. Instead of mopping up spilled milk, wiping messy faces and serving everyone else at this fundraiser, moms will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying live music and a chance to peruse the silent auction. The Mother’s Day Tea, hosted by the Child Development Centre, will be a nice time for Mom to relax and have the food served to her! If sitting and sipping tea and enjoying moments of relaxation is not enough to entice you to this event, you should know that the Child Development Centre is perhaps the most worthy cause to support. With over 35 dedicated staff—many of them mothers themselves—the CDC offers services to over 900 children every year in several Yukon communities.

The staff specialize in the areas of speech and language development, play, and social and emotional development. Additionally, the CDC helps families to understand and cope with gross-motor and cognitive challenges. The CDC help families to address everything from small challenges in pediatric development, to navigating a larger diagnostic process.

The Child Development Centre offers speech and language development, and social and emotional development services to over 900 children every year in several Yukon communities

The kindhearted staff at the CDC work tirelessly to offer valuable support to Yukon families. For kids, the CDC is a positive, fun place to visit. Going to the CDC is not a boring appointment with a stuffy professional. At this organization, every child is treated like a VIP. In addition to one-on-one appointments with families, the Child Development Centre also runs an incredible integrated, therapeutic preschool. Children with behavioural and special needs play and learn alongside other children whose development is meeting or exceeding typical developmental milestones. One week these youngsters are strapping on their jetpacks for a trip to outer space, and the next week they are sailing on a pirate ship to a far-off land.

The creativity that CDC staff use to ignite the imagination of youngsters seems endless. Moreover, children with behavioural and special needs have the opportunity to thrive at this preschool as they are supported by one-on-one education assistants. The staff of the Child Development Centre are the most dedicated early-childhood educators imaginable.The CDC also invests in parents. Last year they offered seven different training groups specifically for parents. Parents and caregivers had the opportunity to gain new skills to help their children cope with physical or mental challenges. Ninety-five per cent of the parents who attended these programs reported that they learned something new from participating in the training programs for parents and caregivers of children.

How often can you say “Relax and sip tea for a good cause!” It really is a good cause. The Child Development Centre makes the best investment possible in our community … It invests in our greatest asset for the future of our community—our children. Tickets are available by calling the CDC at 456-8182.

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