Whitehorse is not only lucky enough to be situated on Canada’s crowning jewel of cross country ski trails, but to have approximately ⅓ of that jewel welcome dogs!

(Okay, maybe not quite like that – but that’s the same efficiency and urgency that we’re operating on.)

We haul the skis, poles and snacks, and huff it to the trailhead. Meanwhile the unlucky dog handler struggles to negotiate the leash and walks the dog through the parking lot. Correction: the dog drags them through the parking lot.

Then comes the magic moment. After holding the dog back and back and back, we only need to do one more thing: unhook the leash carabiner and hear the satisfying “click.”

Like the bark of a gun, she’s off running the race of her life. But she isn’t racing like humans. She isn’t running to win anything. She isn’t running for glory, for fame, for a prize.

She is running for the love it; the love of the snow beneath her paws and the limitless forests just begging her to come and explore. No destination in mind, no end in sight, just a joyful sprint with the wind.

That’s Mount Mac to our dog.

And yes, that joyous sprint occasionally leads her to drop a stick in the tracks, which we’ll grumble, stop and throw back into the bush. However, to bask in the excitement of the ski trails, I offer Mount McIntyre my sincerest gratitude. Thank You.