Summer: A Kid’s Perspective

Finally summer is here! This is the most funnest season of the year, but my horse,

Hollywood, probably loves it more than I do. This is the only time of the season that he can get out of his pen and run around, eat grass, chase his shadow, nap in the sun’s heat and eat some more grass.

He also gets to visit his buddies at our neighbour’s place, he loves to be around other horses, and it’s funny to say, but he also like to be around chickens and goats. When I take him out he wants to run. But I can’t let him run for the first few weeks because my grandmother has a friend who clips horses hooves, and Hollywood has to get his hooves clipped before we can put a saddle on his back and run or go anywhere he wants.

I am trying to spend all the time I can with Hollywood because on June 24th and 25th my dance school is performing a show, Swan Lake. It’s going to be fun, but Hollywood won’t be able to go out for four days. He won’t really like that, but he’ll forgive me once I take him out again.

But in July he won’t be able to get out with me because I’m going to Vancouver for a month. Hollywood will be so upset that I’m gone without him. So, before I go anywhere I am going to try to squeeze some fun time in with him.

I want to take him back on the highway. We might even go look for berries, like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. If Hollywood finds out that I found raspberries he won’t stop chatting or nudging me for them. It’s really funny watching him eat raspberries.

When my grandmother plants raspberries in our garden, Hollywood won’t keep his nose out of them. I’m pretty sure he has an addiction. It’s funny, but it can get very annoying afterwards. I try my best to keep him away from the garden, but it’s pretty hard when his pen is not all that far from it.

This year he may not even be able to eat from the garden anyway, because my grandparents are changing  things around. I actually hope that raspberries won’t grow this year, because that would mean I won against Hollywood for the first time.

He won’t be happy to find out that his favourite berry isn’t able to grow and he will most likely bring it out on me. But that’s okay, we are the closest of friends so it won’t be that bad – he’ll just ignore me until I can give him a hug or a treat.

He’s a really friendly loving horse and loves to play catch-me-if-you-can in his pen.

Once we get playing the game he won’t stop running, but once I put my hand on his neck and call him a slow-pick and run away he will chase me till I stop. And if I find a place to hide he won’t give up looking for me until I show myself.

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