Summer Insomnia

Most of us attribute summer fatigue to long days, late nights and too much to do. For some people, though, summer insomnia is more complicated and serious than that.

Without proper rest, we cannot be sufficiently restored and recuperated. Our bodies become vulnerable, our minds go dull, and our spirits wither. It is no way to enjoy life or summer.

Yukoners get really excited about summer; winters are so long, and dark. When daylight returns, we just want to get out, do stuff, and get busy.

We plan. We prepare. June whizzes by in a frantic blitz. Then mid-July sneaks up and we realize our summer bucket list is much longer than the days left in the season.

And therein lies one cause of summer insomnia — the belief that time is running out.

Summer is a period of rapid growth and progress. As Nature explodes all around us, we are reminded of what is to be bountiful, beautiful and brief. This can be inspiring or depressing, depending on how we feel about “the fruits of labour” in our own life.

We may find ourselves asking: Am I in the right place, doing the right thing, with the right people? Is my own “season” passing? Have I made the most of my opportunities? Am I growing and maturing into what I want? What comes next?

During the daytime, distractions make it is easy to suppress such thoughts. But if daily life is not meeting our needs or reflecting our inner truths, our spirit goes on high alert.

In the quiet of the night, it will let us know that something essential to our being is being unheard, unsupported, repressed, or taken.

Insomnia is our body’s way of saying, “Wake up”: It is an opportunity to assess what is not working in our life, and why. It is a call to change.

Being called to change in the summer is probably the safest time. But what are we to do when we are too tired to think clearly or take action?

To help us relax and sleep, we need minerals like magnesium and potassium.

Eating green leafy veggies, seeds, nuts, and bananas are a good start. Alcohol, drugs, some medications and an acidic diet will leach minerals from the body, so supplements may be required.

Also, since certain health conditions prevent mineral absorption, the efficacy of our digestive and urinary systems may need to be assessed.

Natural remedies and therapies that can help include vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, and hormone therapy.

It is also important to accept and acknowledge our feelings, whatever they are. Feelings are just feelings and they will pass, but for the moment consider them important indicators. They can help us stay healthy and “on course” if we pay attention.

We can restore ourselves in other ways too.

Remember those long lost friends, Laughter and Fun?  Dancing, singing, painting, sailing, bowling, fishing, cooking,…  Whatever it is that reunites you with them, do it. Nothing improves the ability to sleep and heal like a little happiness (and fresh air).

This weekend, there is a perfect opportunity to restore your body, mind and spirit. Inexpensive and close-to-home, the three-day Frog Food Festival celebrates health and happiness with delicious local food, art, activities, and music. Call the Circle D Ranch for info or go to

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