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I am so jealous. I just picked my guy up from the airport, back from a two-day Superbike school in California. And he was just one of four Yukon guys who got off the plane with racing track prints on their retinas.

To rub it in, he brought back two videos of himself lapping the track, taken with a camera mounted on the back of the bike. He plugged it into the CD player, hit play, and almost immediately my adrenaline spiked.

I want to go.

The best part was noticing the difference between the video taken on day one and the one taken on day two. Dramatic.

I want to go.

The course was run by a company called California Superbike School. They run courses all over the US. This one was at Willow Springs racetrack, just north of Los Angeles.

This school does things right. Each rider is fitted with all the gear, including leather racing suit, gloves, boots, helmet, and provided with a new BMW S1000RR to ride – “the most advanced production bike available.”

Did I mention I want to go?

The format is one coach for every two riders. The trios alternate between 20-minute segments on the track, being watched by or trying to keep up with the coach, and 20 minutes in the classroom analyzing track performance and learning a new skill for the next segment of track time.

No time is wasted for breaks; you eat during classroom time or in the few minutes between segments.

No time to think too much about how terrified you are trying to push your limits by taking corners at a 45-degree (or more) angle to the pavement.

After he’d been back a few days, I could see the adrenaline high starting to wear off. Life is just so mundane after Superbike School.

Before the week was over, I got a call at work. “I’ve just registered for the September 19-20 Level 3 and 4 of Superbike School.”

“Oh,” I answered, “Did you register me?”

Apparently he didn’t. He wanted to check with me first to see if I wanted to go. DUH!

An hour later, I was on the phone with the school. To be honest, I had to chat with the girl on the phone at the school for a bit, just to get a feel for and savour the transaction.

When I mentioned that my guy had said there were no women among the 30 or so students in his class she said, “Well, then you have register!”

That’s exactly how I felt. I booked it.

Now I am looking for someone out there who will trade me a sport bike for my Shadow so I can get a little practice in before I go. Anyone interested?

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