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February is Challenge month at the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club – the Air North Challenge that is.

Air North, the Yukon’s Airline, has teamed up with the ski club to present a fun way for club members and casual skiers alike to explore our trail system and learn a bit of club history at the same time. And let’s not forget the snowshoers – yes, you are welcome too.

As skiers, whether racer or recreational, we sometimes get into a rut. Head out on the same old trail or two, turn at the same old place, head back to the proverbial barn. The Air North Challenge is a chance to break out of those habits.

The challenge has been around for a few years, and every year we try to do something a bit different. However, the goal is always the same: to get you, the skier, to get out on some new trails and maybe even find a new favourite or three.

Here is how the Air North Challenge works this year.

We have placed a total of 30 stations at points around the ski trails. The locations are identified on a master map posted in the club’s wax room. You need a punch card for each ten stations and you can purchase one, two or three cards, each for a nominal fee.

Ski to a station, read the information posted there and punch your card as directed. Punch all the boxes on your card and turn it into the club office and you will be entered into the Air North draw.

Our sponsors have tossed in a couple of tickets for trips to Air North destinations plus some other goodies as added incentive. There are some other draw prizes as well, such as a free ski club membership for next season – can’t beat that!

The information posted at the stations relates to the history of the club and its trail system. You’ll not only see all parts of the trail system as you participate in the challenge, you’ll also learn something new.

The ski club boasts about 75 km of trails, covering a wide variety of terrain and scenery.

If you punch all the answers on all three cards, you will have skied our whole trail system, having had lots of fun on the way while you enjoy what is shaping up to be one of the best ski seasons in years.

We’ve created categories to suit everyone’s abilities, from the super 737 Express (find all 30 controls in any two day period) to the Cargo class (find 10 controls over a full month). In between there is the 737 Milk Run and the Turbo Prop.

Funds raised from the cards will go to our waxroom expansion fund, something we are working towards to accommodate our growing membership.

There is no pressure associated with the challenge. It runs for the whole month of February and you can start at any time, ski at any time, day or night.

Come to the ski club and get the full scoop, or check out the club website (www.xcskiwhitehorse.ca) for complete Air North Challenge rules. And have fun!

See you on the trails.

Claude Chabot is executive director of the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club. If you have questions about the club or its extensive network of trails, you can reach Claude at [email protected]

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