The Indoor Living Christmas Tree

The Norfolk Island pine is a popular and spirited plant that has adapted to many indoor living spaces. Enjoyed for its close similarity to an outdoor evergreen tree, the Norfolk Island pine vastly resembles the spirited Christmas tree.

The lush, soft needles are perfect for displaying holiday ornaments, garlands and bows. A plant that will last well beyond the holiday season, the Norfolk Island pine is a perfect choice for those who may not necessarily have space for a large evergreen yet want to keep in the spirit of Christmas.

Though the Norfolk Island pine is often found as a miniature indoor plant, it will eventually grow indoors to heights greater than 12 feet. If you give this plant a lot of room to grow (both for the root systems in a large container as well as in a large indoor space), this plant will eventually fill a very large area.

The ideal indoor climate for this species is a cool, well-lit location. This pine thrives in conditions that provide for warmer daytime temperatures and slightly cooler night-time temperatures.

Norfolk pines perform best in a location with a minimum of two to three hours of direct sunlight. Like most tropical indoor plants, the Norfolk pine is dormant over the winter months and requires no additional fertilizer until spring.

Norfolk pines thrive in moist, humid environments, which is a challenge for Northern indoor climates. Like most tropical plants, it is preferred to allow the soil to become dry between watering; however, it is important to maintain a relatively high humidity for these plants.

You can do this either with a humidifier or by misting the plant regularly with cool water, which allows moisture to absorb through the needles. The pine will gradually acclimatize to indoor conditions.

If the needles become brown and dry, there may be a few causes. Invariably, the natural aging of Norfolk pines will cause lower branches to become dry and brittle. If many needles throughout a new younger plant start to suffer, look to increasing the humidity and increasing the frequency of watering.

Why not decorate an indoor living Christmas tree for your home? This is a fun project for little ones, to have their very own themed miniature Christmas tree to decorate.

The Norfolk Island pine is also a perfect gift for college students, seniors or apartment dwellers. A great eco-nurturing gift that gives back to the environment, this plant makes a great holiday centrepiece or festive tabletop arrangement.

The Norfolk Island pine is a fun and interesting plant that naturally turns itself festive during the holiday season. Ranging in sizes from desktop ornamental plants, to full-grown large floor plants that rival the traditional Christmas tree, the Norfolk Island pine is an excellent choice for a fun and festive indoor plant.

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