The (Mis)Adventures of A Puppy

In life there can be many instances one regrets. Such as accidentally sending a text to the wrong person, or throwing out an ill received joke. Or, uttering the thought, “Let’s get a second dog.”

Before we knew it, the puppy was arriving. Aside from another dog bed and Puppy Chow, we really hadn’t thought much about bringing a second dog into our house.

But, guidance on how-to-prevent-emotional-trauma-inflicted-on-dog-number-one-by-bringing-puppy-into-his-home isn’t all found in one place. It’s threaded in google searches, library books, the pet store cashier and next-door neighbours.

Suggestions include getting them used to each others scent prior to meeting, supervising their play at all times and introducing them on neutral territory. It seems more complicated than bringing a second baby into the family.

Our family opted to have the dogs meet in the backyard, follow each other into the house, and let it slowly sink into dog #1 that annoying dog #2 isn’t really going anywhere. Like, ever.

Puppies can be like a bad camping trip, as memories get fonder with time. A solid two years can make a rainy, miserable, broken-tent-pole camping trip, a recollection of a damp, enjoyable weekend. Meanwhile a two-year gap since your last puppy can replace the memories of sleepless nights, with cuddles and cuteness. We were in for a rude awakening.

We all knew this was coming. Getting ready for the newest member of the family, we broke out the old kennel from the basement. We also broke out a new dog bed, miniature dog treats and lots of carpet stain remover from our wallets.

But when that for-legged fuzz-ball comes in, it’s pretty hard to believe. He’s here to stay. And in the midst of this dreaming about all of life’s adventures he’s going to experience, how many moose bones he’ll enjoy, and uh oh, he’s already chewing up the baseboard.

Puppies like to chew. This revelation is cemented in holes in shoes, massacred sunglasses, and homework actually eaten by your dog. As dogs don’t have hands, their mouth is their mechanism to explore and experience their surroundings. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, chewing is a way for puppies to relieve the pain caused by incoming teeth. In general, it combats boredom for dogs and can relieve mild anxiety and frustration.

So basically, chewing is fidget spinning for dogs.

But for all the times he’ll treat the recycling like a treasure chest of toys and yip at the delivery man, he’ll do something so cute and kind, it’ll make your heart swell.

Sure, puppies are a great way to make friends on the trails, take cute photos, and indulge Instagram, but they do so much more. They treat everyone like the best person in the whole wide world, because to a pup, everyone is the greatest. It’s caring and it’s genuine. It’s the true beautiful adventure of a puppy.

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