The Most Yukonic Night Ever

The Yukon boasts of many iconic landscapes/experiences/situations  and on one glorious night I experienced a few of them.

Now in my Southern upbringing, I always thought “deer in the headlights” was just an expression. But, no, no, no! It’s a fact nature. The deer stood paralyzed in the same fear that prevented me from screaming.

I could have sworn that the tip of their antlers scratched the surface of the car. We had all subconsciously leaned our body weight to the left, in final attempt to prevent hitting the animals. And thankfully our car kept sailing along the night road; by luck, by driving skill, or by God, we were coming home from a church retreat after all.

We made it! I walked in the door, kicked the snow off my boots and sat down feeling like I had passed my final exam of being a Northerner. I lived out the most Yukonic night ever!

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