The Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Colds and Flus

People often ask if Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat colds and flus. Although there’s no magic bullet when it comes to getting rid of those nasty winter viruses, Traditional Chinese Medicine can give us a unique perspective on how we treat them, reducing the severity, duration and frequency.

  • Miso soup with lots of scallions – especially the white part of the stalk.
  • Ginger tea – bring 2 cups of water to a boil, add three slices of fresh ginger, and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Raw garlic – this is very effective as it tonifies the qi and detoxes the blood.

After you’ve tried these warming foods, take a warm bath and get cozy under some blankets to sweat it out – but make sure you replenish your sweat with lots of fluids. And, if possible, on your next trip down south pop into a Chinese store and stock up Yin Qiao – a great all-purpose herb that stops many colds dead in their tracks, if caught early enough.

Note that all of these treatments are warming in nature, so if you have a fever, do not use them. Wait until it is over and then work on building your immunity for next time.

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