The Wonderful World Of Online Dating

The fast-paced world we live in means that not only do we have online banking and shopping, but we also have online dating.

The old traditional ways of meeting people obviously still exist, but because the Internet has connected us in such profound ways it was inevitable that the potential to meet a mate would also become a phenomenon.

In our community, it is probably used as a resource even more often than it is in the straight community. It can be hard to identify other gays and lesbians unless they are swathed in rainbow colours; so, the Internet has become the way to meet.

I think back fondly at my own ventures into this world. I did meet my spouse via a website. That website is called Gay Canada and it doesn’t represent itself as a dating site. It prefers to be regarded as a community site but, because people go there to interact with other people in the community, it has the potential for meeting a significant other.

Recently, a straight friend of mine asked me to go check out Plenty of Fish, which is a dating site that encompasses both straight and gay people. She wanted me to snoop some guy’s profile that she was interested in. I realized the site did not allow me to go and lurk without first putting up a profile so, I once again found myself trying to come up with pithy things to say.

Since I wasn’t going on to meet anyone, I ended up writing some ridiculous things just to get the blanks filled in. I guess what I wrote did amuse some individuals and I had two women and one man contact me. It was fun; I had missed that sort of interaction and the fun that goes with meeting new people.

Internet dating has its pros and cons like everything in life. There is potential to meet some crazy ones. There is also potential to meet really great quality people.

I have heard people disparage Internet dating. There is an attitude with some that you have to be desperate to try this avenue. I find this so odd and judgemental. I have met so many great, intelligent, good–looking, fun, successful people through this medium.

I have made life-long friends across the country, people who I would never have met otherwise.

For those who are unfamiliar with this medium, some great gay dating sites are the aforementioned Gay Canada and Plenty Of Fish. There is also Pink Sofa and Planet Sappho just for women.

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