Many Yukoners are involved in global issues and a series of talks at the Kwanlin Dϋn Cultural Centre brings their international experiences home.

The Yukon Development Education Centre is hosting the free lectures in Whitehorse

called the Sustainable Global Development Speaker Series.

Presented on Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m., themes include climate change, gender equality and indigenous rights.

On Nov. 12 Yukoner Angela Code shares her experience as a Canadian Youth Delegate at the United Nations Summit, in a talk called “The Global Goals, What They Mean for Indigenous Youth, and Why I Didn’t Meet the Pope.”

At the Summit, world leaders and youth delegates discussed sustainable development goals.

Code says that it’s important to have leadership initiatives for youth such as the summit. She says her involvement gave strength to her own identity.

On Nov. 26 Yukoner Natasha Harvey will give a talk called “Challenging Gender Stereotypes with the Himalayan Adventure Girls in Nepal.” Harvey is a whitewater rafting instructor and recently returned from Nepal where she taught river raft guiding to the non-profit organization supporting Nepali women called the Himalayan Adventure Girls.

While she was there, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred, changing her focus to providing direct aid to locals.

On Dec. 3 Yukoner Al Alcock reveals the up and downs as an “Administrator at a Canadian Red Cross Hospital in a Nepalese Mountain Village” after the earthquake. Alcock says he wanted to dedicate a month to helping in a devastated area because he believes in helping people – both near and far.

“A global view of helping the neighbours, whether it’s beside our home in the Yukon or farther… all of us are connected globally,” he says.

He says a sense of humour and a positive outlook add fun – and that’s what likely got him through “eating yak cheese and checking (his) shoes in the morning for creepy crawlers.”

This series of free talks may just expand your definition of who is a neighbour.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided (but, sadly, probably no yak cheese).

For more information send an email to [email protected]