What happened to the kids from the class of 2009? Where are they all now, six years later? They must have finished their studies or done their travelling. Do they have kids? Government jobs?

I do know what life is like for Austin Davignon and Alexander Chisholme; Alexander is my son and Austin is his long time friend. They both went to different schools in Whitehorse and met each other on their bikes at jumps in and around Whitehorse. They live in Whistler, B.C. now, the summer mecca of mountain biking.

They live with, share adventures and collaborate with others from the Yukon. Our Yukon kids away from home, I tend to think, stick together as family. At the moment, in the house they occupy, they are dealing with a black mold problem. All part of life as a grown-up.

They have created a good life for themselves. They never seem to be short of work in their world of mountain biking.

I saw them in action years ago at Mount Sima. Austin contacted a big name company that organizes promotional events. Mount Sima, under the guidance of Austin, and together with Alexander, built some massive mountain bike jumps. They competed in the event and both took the podium.

For the past three summers they have both have good jobs in Whistler working for Joyride Bike Parks building the Red Bull Joyride course, which is part of the mountain bike festival called Crankworx.

Mountain biking season comes to an end, though, as winter rolls in. Alexander has completed a three-year paramedic program and works through the winters as a paramedic. I am sending up his textbooks this week so he can get acquainted again, with the exact procedures he has to follow in case of an accident.

The winter is bringing Austin back to Mount Sima for a bit – look for him there this month.

But just before they got settled for winter, the guys went to Virgin, Utah for the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour’s Diamond event called the Red Bull Rampage in October.

It is the second year in a row Alexander has been on the dig-team of Brandon Semenuk, who is the keeper of the overall title of the 2014 Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour. He and hundreds more young adults sweated for a few weeks digging in the red dust, since each competitor designs and builds their own line in the Virgin Mesa with the help of their own crew.

The sport has big name sponsors and each individual athlete their own sponsors, too.

October 18 was the big day. Videos from the event can be found online. Although the competition is not for the faint of heart, it’s a stunning landscape to enjoy from the comfort of your living room. It’s an extreme sport in the desert heat while here the temperatures flirted with zero.

Soon, the guys will be seen around town, as Alexander Chisholme and Austin Davignon are planning to be home in Whitehorse for Christmas.