Valentine’s Events for the Discerning Singleton

Sometimes I think we could skip February. I mean, January has got the cold and dark covered, and the wonderful triad of snow, sun and skiing find their fullest expression in March. Weird warm winters aside, February seems like a little more of something I’ve had enough of, and not enough of something I’m eagerly anticipating. And of course it contains that most successful of commercial creations, Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’m overly hard on the day of love, but I just can’t get behind the mass-marketing of poor quality chocolate and anything that tells me how to express that most deeply felt emotion. Plus, for those of us who find ourselves unattached, footloose and fancy-free, or otherwise single, well, we can feel a little left out. In the spirit of inclusion, then, I have mined the internet and my own creativity to come up with some activities that just might make Feb fourteen as awesome as any other day of the year, even if you’re flying solo.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Find a fellow singleton and together take advantage of all of those deals and specials that seem designed to slight us solo folk. For example, Canada Games Centre 2-for-1 night (disclaimer: I don’t know what is required to prove that your companion is your, well, companion.)

Escape into Film

Take in some fabulous films at the Available Light Film Festival. Screening on Feb 14th are Angirattut, Al Purdy Was Here, The Shore Break, Brooklyn, and The Great Alone. None fit the genres of classic romance or chick flick.

Join the Adventure

If being at the movies feels too much like date-night, the Yukon Quest will be in full swing, and the Frank Slim’s building in Shipyard’s Park is open all week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to keep you up to speed on the race.

Dance the night away

If music is more your thing, put on your dancin’ shoes and listenin’ ears and head out to the Frostbite Music Festival. After missing two years this music-loving town is going to be welcoming the festival back with open arms – really the main reason for February to happen at all. Hey, maybe you’ll meet another cute Whitehorse single while you’re cutting a rug.

Celebrate being célibataire

Host a Singles’ Single Malt Party – this is where I will be. To all my matched-up malt mates out there, I’m sorry; I love you, and you are not invited. Not a scotch fan? I won’t judge. Just have a party where everyone wears a singlet and eats single origin chocolate.

Self-indulgent Pity Party

Some of us are quite content in our singledom – others not so much. I don’t wholeheartedly recommend this option, but I do acknowledge the therapeutic value of a good mope. If you can’t bring yourself to celebrate your solo status, bemoan it in style. Then pick yourself up in the morning and get back to enjoying life.

Just plain simple

If all else fails, there’s always chillin’ with Netflix. No, literally. Make it all about you: your bowl of popcorn, your laptop, no fighting about what you’re going to watch – and maybe your very own nice bottle of red. That sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me, any month of the year.

Whatever your experience of February 14th this year, why not write about it? Tuck it away and submit it next January for What’s Up Yukon’s Valentine’s Day Flashbacks issue. Might give next year’s singles some good ideas.

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