We’ve followed the Yukon Quest over the internet for several years. When we came to Whitehorse a year ago, it was clear that we wanted to be part of this great race. We signed up as volunteers to experience this unique event up close, and we got closer to the race than we had ever dreamed of.

Our first contact with the Yukon Quest was at the food drop. After a short introduction, we were part of the team of volunteers helping mushers to unload and sort their food bags. Both race officials and musher were very thankful for our support. Being new to Whitehorse it was also of great value for us to get in touch with a lot of great people during this day.

During the race, we were volunteering for different events in Whitehorse – the Free Mushing Rides for Kids, the Quest Fest and the Meet the Mushers event. Our support was highly appreciated and we felt part of the big Yukon Quest family.

Between our volunteer shifts we even had time to see the first three mushers arrive in Whitehorse and to make a visit to the Braeburn checkpoint. There we got to know another well-functioning team of volunteers, managed by my namesake Yvonne.

The team is stayed at the Braeburn Lodge for the time of the race – certainly a unique experience as well. Between checking in mushers, they warm up inside at the hot wood stove. And of course, the air smells of the tasty cinnamon buns.

We were a little sad when we had to say goodbye to all the other volunteers at the volunteer party after the end of the race, but many of them we met again during the last year we spent in Whitehorse. Hopefully we see them again when we return to Whitehorse one day.

If you want to be part of the Yukon Quest family, sign up as a volunteer for the 2017 race, which will be taking place this year from February 4 to 18. Email [email protected], call the Whitehorse office at 867-668-4711, or visit them in their office in the White Pass Building on Front Street.

For more information go to www.YukonQuest.com.