Winter Anticipation

December is the Friday of the year. The whole month is filled with giddy anticipation for the budding winter wonderland, parallel to the giddy anticipation one feels for the weekend, while staring at the clock Friday afternoon.

That’s when the wise ones will let us know that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect. Our idealist childhood memories of Christmas, that we’re desperately trying to recreate, were most likely ridden with the same chaos and confusion, which we were just not aware of. The pandemonium and turmoil of the holidays is all part of the package. Be it we didn’t thaw the turkey in time, didn’t take the price tag off of that gift or didn’t have the time to make our grandmother’s Christmas cookies. It’s all okay. Christmas is about making memories, the good the bad and the utterly laughable. So, this year our family will light a fire, make a mug of hot chocolate, grab a good book, snuggle up with a warm blanket and settle into a winter’s evening. No worries, no stress. We’ll simply enjoy this Christmas season.

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