Winter Dog Walk

You know the drill. There’s a beautiful, warm, cozy and glowing fire in your living room. Sweat pants are on. A nice dinner’s been eaten. It would be so easy; it would be so great, just to lie on your couch and go to sleep. But, there’s one four-legged bundle of joy wreaking havoc in the hallway a few metres over.

But at the end of the walk, you’ll inescapably reach for your doorknob with some new story in your arsenal. Be it finally getting to know the guy who lives in the red house a few doors down, or piecing together a constellation in the sky. Laughing as your dog becomes enamoured with a pinecone, or getting to see some breathtaking northern lights you would’ve otherwise missed. 

You’ll come in, shake off your boots, put away your coat and plop down on the couch once more. The fire’s glow will feel warmer, the couch softer, the dog happier and you’ll be glad – genuinely glad – that the  little four-legged bundle of joy took you out for a walk today.

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