Winter: Time to Repair the Summer Toys

We all plan to spend part of the winter checking out and repairing some of our summer-use equipment. But just like New Years resolutions many of us seem destined to fail our plan.

But we can get some of this done if we put our minds to it during a slow evening or weekend. There are still a number of evenings and Saturday afternoons left before we are into our glorious but very short summer.

Make a list of summer equipment that needs repairs. It’s even better to keep a running list over the summer as you see needs arise. This list is easily divided into categories based on the time to do each task. You will likely end up with some 10-15 minute tasks, some that take an hour or more and some major ones that will eat up many hours. Using this strategy you can get at them, and surprisingly, get them done.

When your partner won’t be ready to go for another half-hour or the kids will be at indoor soccer for another 45 minutes, grab your list and do one or two minimal time tasks such as putting new hooks on those lures or sewing the suspender buttons back on your favourite pants.

It might take 10 or 15 minutes to lay out the tent so you can spend an hour on it tomorrow patching the hole in the door netting or replacing the zipper slider.

Longer tasks may require some planning, but if you have a categorized list such planning can be arranged.

Not all lengthy tasks need to be done at one sitting. That new axe-handle can be fitted in one longer session or a number of shorter ones. Similarly, refinishing a set of oars or canoe paddles can be done in one long inconvenient session or in a few shorter, easier time slots.

The organization of any task or list of tasks is often the biggest obstacle to getting them done. If you can get yourself making these lists, finding the time to do some repairs will be much easier.

Also, you will slide into summer with only new problems to deal with. And that’s way ahead of where you’ve ever been before.

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