You sure look thirsty… try some lemonade!

Angela Krueger promoting The Big Squeeze on Canada Day at Lumel Studios

For some of us, summer reminds us of the days that were filled with outdoor activities and hanging out with friends, but there were always a few entrepreneurial folks who saw summer as an opportunity to make some pocket change by cutting lawns for neighbours, pet sitting for friends on vacation and, of course, the ever-popular lemonade stand.

As Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yukon (BBBSY) turns 40 this year, the agency was looking for a creative and family friendly way to raise funds for our community mentoring program, while also promoting what BBBSY does.

The Big Squeeze is a lemonade-stand competition that started in Prince George, in 2013, as a “just for fun” event that allowed local businesses to tap into their inner child and sell some lemonade. It became a big fundraiser for the agency and BBBSY thought this community-minded event would be a perfect fit for Whitehorse.

Here’s how it works: Businesses, organizations and families who would like to have a lemonade stand contact BBBSY to register. Lemonade is made by the team who registered, and Save On Foods provides the lemons, which will be brought to the hosting stands along with a couple of pitchers, a few days before the event. BBBSY will advertise all of the lemonade-stand locations, and teams are encouraged to make their best lemonade recipe (non-alcoholic, of course!).

Bake sales and BBQs are encouraged, and the funds raised will be added to the team’s total. Each team sells their lemonade (by donation) to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yukon, and the team with the most funds raised will be recognized. Dave’s Trophy has donated The Big Squeeze trophy for the best-tasting lemonade, which will be given to the winning team (along with bragging rights), for the year, until the next Big Squeeze. The Big Squeeze Lemonade Stand Competition will be held Wednesday, August 1 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you would like to have a lemonade stand for the 2018 Big Squeeze Lemonade Stand Competition, contact Angela at 668-7911 or [email protected] to register. Otherwise, make sure to visit one of our Big Squeeze participants and support their business!

Angela Krueger, Executive Director of BBBSY, will be making a homemade purple lemonade for the BBBSY lemonade stand—quench your thirst while listening to Leg Up Hands Down at Arts in the Park on August 1!

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